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I have been working very hard lately to change my mental image of myself and how i think about things. As part of my self help, i have started looking at some self care accounts. One of the things that hit me today, I watched several things where it talked about what men do when they are not feeling good or just need a pick me up. The videos all showed that men dont talk to anyone, they just keep those feelings and do nothing. The perception is that men are tough and no one cares about them and how they feel.

It really hit me today as i know that is how i have lived my life and how i am trying to change things. I dont talk, i sit on my feelings, I push down and go get work done, I dont take time for me, I dont share.

I am going to make a good effort to really try and do better this week with my feelings.

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Im very glad you’re growing as a person and leaving that way of being behind, it will be very beneficial for you, proud of you mate! <3 best wishes

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thank you very much. I appreciate the support

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I think there is truth to most men being closed lipped about things and just “dealing with it”. Maybe it’s the entire ego/testosterone combination, but I don’t know. The old stereotypes don’t help really… you know… “just man up” and deal with it.

I realized years ago that more self help was needed, and that I would neglect myself for my family. And the worst thing was that they didn’t expect that, I just did it.

But at times it’s still not easy. We have to realize we can’t help others until we do better at helping ourselves.

Hang in there Griz75… we are allowed to vent, cry, ask for help, and everything else, despite what we tend to do and what society sometimes prepares us for.

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Thank you. I agree, “man up” just doesn’t work anymore. We need to be able to express things and learn how to better deal with our emotions. Ask for help. To express ourselves and not feel shame or guilt about doing it.

I’m very proud of you for taking the time to work on yourself. Best of luck!

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I understand this. The suppression of emotions is the worst, and it never really helps long term. But you’re trying to do better, and that’s awesome for you man!

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