Menopause Symptoms Dealing With Brain Fog

Find out how menopause affects your thinking, and get tips on how to cope with brain fog and related menopause issues

When most women think about menopause, the classic menopause symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and sleep problems come to mind. But many women aren't aware that another common complaint during menopause is "brain fog," or problems with memory, confusion, and a wandering mind, which often relate to menopausal fatigue.

Why do fatigue and brain fog affect women around the time of menopause? Some researchers suggest that the fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels, which are the primary cause of most menopause symptoms, can be linked to poorer memory and cognitive decline (problems with thinking). What's more, the hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, and mood swings can leave you feeling fatigued and mentally out of whack.

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Well that would explain a lot for me...I'm constantly forgetting things or trying to microwave tea in the freezer! Isn't that crazy??

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Hi unimportant me, I know you may feel crazy at times. I have felt worried at times wondering is this the start of something else. I have done similar things like you mentioned. I joke about living in the hereafter. I get where I am going and forget what I came after. But in talking with other women going through this and reading about it, I know I am not alone. It definitely helps to know I am not alone. I am looking forward to when all this finally passes and hopefully I will be better. Keep hanging in there. Keep coming back and letting us know how you are doing. ((((hugs))))

Thank you for validating that for me:) I've done all of the above. I have even been talking and forgotten halfway thru the sentence what the heck I was talking about! And yeah...I've worried that maybe I am getting early onset dementia or something. I had a hysterectomy several years ago, so it's hard to tell if I am in menopause or not. I still have the ovaries, so get the hormones, but get no period, so I'm guessing whether I am in perimenopause? Of full blown menopause? I am 44. Can anyone give me the age range of when menopause usually starts??? Thanks!

Well, my mom was done having a period by the time she was 40. My sister by the time she was 41. I am 49. I have irregular periods. I saw my doctor this year and she said I was going through menopause. There is a test they can do to tell. I began to have perimenopausal symptoms in my 30s. The best thing to do is see your doctor. They can tell more about what is going on with you. Just did a search and this is what it says - for most women, natural menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, with the average age of onset being 51.4 years of age. In rare instances, menopause can occur as early as the 30's or as late as the 60's. Perimenopause and some symptoms associated with it normally start in the age of 40's and early 50's, although it's very possible to experience perimenopause in your early 30's.

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Thanks so much for all the helpful info!!

Howdy all, new kid here!
I'm 51 and in the thick of it. Two more months w/o a period and we can call it a done deal. What a ride it's been. I'm hot or cold, cranky then tearful, confused then determined.
Add that to a pre-existing anxiety/panic condition, a severe allergy to the sun and a recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia.
I've recently changed antidepressants (twice) and have little clue what I'll be like in the next 5 minutes. I don't know what to attribute to what.
Off to the dr again this am to get a new symptom sorted out. There is a mild generalized burning in my parnties - I can't isolate it, doesn't feel like a UTI or a yeast infection. Maybe my ovaries are having a fairwell party - bonfire and all.
No surprise we are all exhausted and confused - this is quite tiring.
Thanks for the space to vent - looking forward to meeting you all.
Take a moment to be nice to yourselves,

Hi Kymlori:

I'm new to this site as well...but have gotten so much out of it. It's good to talk to people who have/are "been there". My emotions are all over the board and I've got the depression and anxiety that pre existed the menopause. I'm 44, had a hysterectomy 5 years ago, but they left the ovaries so I get the hormones but no period!! Idk whether I'm in peri menopause/menopause or just plain crazy! My moods are everywhere...I get confused to the point that I can be talking and forget what I'm saying mid sentence!! Is this normal?? Anyone?? Thanks. And welcome Kymlori:)

Hi unimportant me, I suggest seeing your doctor to be for sure about what is going on. Just know you are not alone when you mention forgetting what you were saying. I replied to you above about I say all the time that I live in the hereafter. I get where I am going then I forget what I am here after. LOL Keep checking in and letting us know how you are doing.

Does anyone know how long does menopause last once you've started it?

Hello everyone, interesting reading from your ladies. I am in full menopause and lately have been feeling extremely fatigued. I hate (strong word) when I feel like I cannot function and just want to sleep. I totally understand that it is a process WE MUST go through and with the help of God, and support, we will be victorious. I too have forgetful moments and thought it could be the onset of something else but I trust God for this process and pray that he keeps us mentally intac. Kymlori you sense of humor is wonderful and made me laugh. Well ladies we know we are not alone in this journey, and we have to band together and offer suggestions to help alleviate some of our symptoms. I am glad that I found this site and will be checking in to offer support while picking up some for myself.

Hi Everybody, I'm new to the site & discovered it while looking for a local support group in Hanover, PA, which I could not find anything. Although I'm thankful I found this group & I'm relating to so many issues. I'm 52 & feel like the end must be coming!! My memory is a joke, I feel so mean & miserable & ready to attack at any given time. I have absolutely no energy, literally want to just watch TV & read my books. Nothing seems important to me & I just wonder if I have turned into a completely lazy useless women. I worry that it's not menopause & I'm just a pain in the butt!! I feel I have menstrual symptoms all month long, is it wrong to stay in bed till this is all over???

Hi I'm new to this site and been going through menopause for quite awhile but in the last three weeks seems like I'm in full blown. Yes my memory is crazy, hot flashes nite sweats are out of the world, crankiness, I'm getting where I can't stand big crowds and the thoughts I have in my head just drive me crazy. My sleeping habits are crazy, I can go to bed and wake up to feel like I didn't even sleep at all. My husband tells me I sit up in the bed asleep. I've tried different things and nothing is working.

I was wondering how long the emotional B*LLSH*T lasts? I have been going through menopause for about a year now. Started with freezing my bazooka off and wearing 3 layers of clothes and the heat turned up to 90 and still shivering. Then night sweats and still freezing. Now I definitly don't need fluid pills with all the water I am losing through my eye sockets!!! I cried coz my lighter ran out of fluid and I have 100 and some lighters coz I collect them and 2 big cans of butane to fill them with. How long does this part of it last?

I guess My question was too stupid to answer!

Please somebody! I can't even get out of bed with out crying!!! Can somebody please help me? Before it is too late!!!

Miss Pinkie. I have to be on Xanax times two a day. I have pretty bad anxiety though, or at least I think it's that. I started with crying for no reason, but after a while I was crying cause I was shaking and could not breath, so that scared me of course. I also have tinnitus, ringing in the ear that is really scary. I don't really know if this is menopause or not feels much worse to me it feels like something is terrible wrong. I see a councilor By-weekly. I am really scared most of the time. I have other health issues so that does not help. If I were you I would start with going to my doctor and telling him/her how your feeling. I'm thinking of you and hope you get better. I just feel so bad any body has to go through this.

I have lost everyone coz of my crying. I don't even know what I am crying about! I just feel heart broke all the time for no reason. and it isn't just a tear welling up in my eye, it is a gut wrenching heart broke cry from deep within me! I have NEVER been a crier! I have always been strong and held it together. I feel like I want to just F**K'N DIE!!! And I am on an antidepressant and I doubled it back to what I used to take yesterday and today. I will call my Dr. Monday and see if she will do something for me. She has just got to, before it gets out of hand and I do take matters into my own hands and do something to stop the crying once and for all!

Yea thnx! I will take a hand full of pills and hop right out of this wheel chair and start walking!

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