i dont no if its me or the drugs but i have to get higher then a kit to do anything

Yes that is normal if you have been doing it a while you have to do it just to function. Then when you do not have it you feel like you are going to die because you are so tired and hungry and depressed and unable to think.

I have been there my friend.

You can get well but it takes time.

You must first decide that you are tired of this life. Then you must get rid of all your connections and anyone who may use around you or tempt you.

When you quit it is best if you can take some time off work and/or school. The first few days are the worst but know that they will pass and it will get better. You need lots of rest and lots of food. You will feel sad so it is nice if someone can be with you and cheer you up a little.

It will take a while before you will feel happy again. It is hard not to get depressed and to not go back to it. But try to remember that it is because you are low on dopamine. Eventually your brain will heal and you will make dopamine again. You well feel better. Believe it or not you will feel happiness again! But it is hard when you can feel nothing but sadness and exhaustion for a while. Try to remember it will pass.

I am going to email you.

I want you to know that I care.

Hey, Just wanted to let you know that your not alone. Because of the chemical dynamics of meth (particularly the crash) the only way out involves suffering through the withdrawal.

But rest assured, any price we pay while coming down is far less than the pain that is promised if we keep using. Its encouraging to see you seeking answers and reaching out. Because one thing that the progression of meth relies on is isolating the person.

I believe we are body, mind, and spirit. Meth affects each dimension of our being. Google Pharmakeia and share your thoughts about the what you find. Its a real thing especially when it comes to meth!

But as your body and mind build tolerance they demand more to get the same effect thats part of the early stages of addiction.

Hope we stay in touch!

I sent you an email too but here are some helpful links:

1) Here, are here for you!

2) google Narcotics Anonymous and Crystal Meth Anonymous and you can likely find help in your town or near you!

3) is totally devoted to meth and there is a message board, tons of info and links, as well as a chat room, which is active in the evenings. I got a lot of help there when i was new.

4) is focused on all drugs and drinking rather than just one but is very friendly and positive and there is a chat which is fairly active in the evenings

5) there are chats at and stepchat but i don't know a lot about them. I did visit step chat once but it moves too quickly for my hole-filled brains to comprehend lol...maybe it was just a busy time


I hope to hear from you.

I just joined this support group. Your post was the first one that caught my eye. The title- METH- is what brought me here to this group.
I can relate 100% to the feeling of not being able to function without using meth. I am in the same boat. It's this feeling of not being able to do anything, each and every day, that always breaks me down and I use again.
Thank you for posting and thank you to everyone who offered support.

That Meth monster needs more and more each day to keep its host functioning at an almost normal level.

I just found this website today on my search for some sort of sense that I'm not alone.

The journey I want to take seems a tiny bit less scary knowing that others are doing it, have done it or maybe want to.

I'm not sure on how this site works yet - but I'd love to hear more on what people are doing or have done to fight their monster.



My name is Jai, I just read your status and I myself went through a similar situation not that long ago. For me I didn’t even see what this drug was doing to me. I felt disconnected from my friends and family and my health was suffering serverely. I am slowing trying to make a mends in my life I havn’t been able to fight the addiction away but have been able to reduce it slightly. I was getting to a point that I indeed needed to increase my usuage as I was not getting what I wanted out of the norm use. It was like a constant battle with myself I couldn’t be happy with anything or anyone in my life until i had had my hit. I was a miserable person to be around while sober my life seemed so pointless. I completely feel for you in this situation and at times we can often blame ourselves for these problems but unfortuantly I do believe there is always a reason behind why we resort to such substances to help ease our feelings. I wish you all the best with your journey and I hope it all works out the way you would like it to. Just one step at a time. Good luck :slight_smile: