Middle Aged Caretaker

I was hoping that there would be a daughter to mother caretaking support group. I am interested in starting one.

I am a daughter who is a caregiver to my mother~and I am interested also in talking with others who have the same stress and concerns as I do.

Phyllis, I would love to chat with you more about your caretaking situation. Are you married? Do you also have children? Do you have siblings or others who help?

You didn’t say much about your situation. I would like to hear more. I am new to supportgroups.com, but I assume that we are supposed to find ways to support others who are in similar situations. So that would necessitate communication.

Hope to hear from you soon. Alice

Briefly - I am 64 years old - married -children are in North Jersey, Colorado, and California. My mother is 88 next month - diagnosed with lymphoma - she has had 3 chemo treatments so far - extremely weak - needs almost around the care assistance after the chemo. I have hired some aides because I can't do it alone. It is very draining and I feel so badly for her~
What about you? What are your circumstances?
This is also my first time on supportgroups ... actually I found it by looking for something else. Glad there's a person I could chat with.