*might be triggering* I'm angry because I'm being ignored

*might be triggering*

I'm angry because I'm being ignored by someone I care about. I was brutally honest with her but it seems like that made her push me away. She tells me that she's horrible and well I never see that because she's nice to me and I like her for it. I told her that I think she tries really hard to look horrible but that I know that she isn't. To that she responded to me saying that "I'm smothering her" and I was hurt when I read that and quit replying. Then after she noticed I didn't reply she messaged me again saying that she was only kidding. Now I just don't trust her, I asked her if she really was kidding and she gave me a dry response "yes" and now I'm mad because she didn't try to reassure me that everything was okay. We talked non-stop for two days, which is something we never did before and now we aren't talking. I feel like I just don't care anymore, this happens every time when I start to like someone. It's always the wrong person, and now I'm just angry at everyone. I hate how I get so crazy every time I develop feelings for someone. I'm not bombarding her with messages for not replying but I just feel really awful and now feel as if I don't care if anything happens to her anymore.

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This sounds just like my life. Exactly. Entirely. Why is it that every BPD relationship gets doomed.

This sounds like my life exactly. Every relationship ends the same way. Every relationship sounds just like this thing you are going through.

It hurts a lot...this is why I avoid relationships at all costs. They trigger me so much, I haven't slept and everything is pissing me off. I'm beginning to feel impulsive and reckless again. Just when I think I have recovered, I develop feelings and relapse

Not true you guys. I have a great relationship. It was hard before I was diagnosed with BPD. But ever since then, he and I both have studied this disorder. When he realizes something is encouraged and can help, he does what he can to help. Don't give up. I know it IS hard. But there is hope

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@seeking_answers19985 that gives me hope thanks