Military mom in pain

Hello I am new to this site. Firt to the young lady who lost her step brother in Afghanistan, I feel for you, how awful of your step sister to make such an insensitive comment. I can only imagine the pain you are in from this loss and I am so sorry it happened. My youngest son went in the army from highschool, his dad was a vietnam vet who came home but he was destroyed inside and got worse as he got older, ptsd, and eventually his addictions killed him . My boy is only 20 and has been in the army since he early enlisted at 17. I am amazed and proud of people like your step brother, and my son who volunteer to go into the military while we are at war. I hope you are getting some counseling, you need someone to talk to on a regular basis , this is a huge loss.My son has been in Afghanistan for eight months and his unit has begun coming back, he is due to return to his home base in Italy very soon, I am counting the days. But he is in for 4 yrs so he will go back, and I believe he is going to re enlist for 4 more. I already see the traits in him that killed his dad. He is not the same of course, he has that long away stare people in combat get.
I have of course imagined what it would be like if he were severely injured or taken away. Look at me, I cant even say killed it just hurts too much. I understand how you feel about seeing stuff about war, I have been avoiding anything like that for a long time.
I dont know what your spiritual beliefs are, but at times like these what ever you believe I hope it is a comfort to you. I believe your brother [ I left out step on purpose I hate that word} knew how much you loved him, and I am sure that was a comfort to him over there. I hope that someday we can all be reunited in some way. But your brother will always live in your heart, time doesnt heal but it does help distance you from the intense pain of the loss. Stay strong, and I hope you have some people you can go to for comfort there is always us other military family members. I so wish you peace of mind.

Reading your post is like opening a window to my mom's feelings for my brother that she can't express. Men and women like your son and his father are Heros. Your son is so lucky to have such a brave and loving mother. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.