Mommy does't love me

I am almost 30 years old with achild of my own, yet all my life my mom has never loved me never showed me love and makes me feel inadequate , she calls me worthless , wicked and other unthinkable things.She tells lies on me and tells her friends i'm crazy . I'm feel so alone. Why doesn't she love me?

Hey, there!! Welcome to Support!! I am only 24, almost 25 and I just got married a little over a year ago, don't have kids yet but my mother never said those things to me, but she made me feel the same way you are feeling. I also think she was bad-mouthing me and calling me crazy, too. I don't get that,either, why your parents-these people who are supposed to love you, can hurt you worse than those bullies at school who give you a hard time. Maybe it's equal,what hurt both do, but I guess when it's your family, it just eats at your heart more because you love them and wouldn't expect that out of someone who is supposed to be biologically programmed to love you. It's awful what parents will do to their children sometimes. For some parents, it's just the fact that they didn't want kids and they feel they are taking away their lives. My mom, I guess that's why she treated me the way she did, because she had 3 kids and only wanted 1. She put my sisters on pedestals and spent more time on what they wanted and ignored me. I was made to feel like I was a problem child and didn't belong in the family. I felt left out and neglected. I even concaucted a plan to run away, but that didn't work out so well, and eventually I found a man who found me a place to live and took care of me and got me out of the chaos of home. And I got married,and i'm glad I don't have to see them again.
~Morgan Rushlow~

Thanks Morgan. I do think that is the problem except she treats her other children really well. She has 3 older girls and a younger boy. I think it all started around the time I was 14 years old and she and Dad separated, I began to realized how much better she treated my other siblings but she would treat me so bad because I looked like Dad. It really struck home when at 16 my mother who gave birth to me told me she hated me because I look and act like my father.I would never do this to my child not even if I was on crack.My Mom wont see me happy she thinks that the best thing that happened to me is fake , she thinks my boyfriend of 3 years is using me, she can’t even find it in her self to be proud of my achievements and it hurts real bad to watch her love her other children and their children while she shuns me and my family.


im 18 years old and i feel the same with my mother. only my mother has been drunk and forcing how she feels about herself onto me, my mom has said im a narcissistic little wench when only a few days prior i gave her $6,000 for bills. shes called me some other horrible things too and basically makes me feel like its wrong to be myself. im so sorry that youre mom has treated you like this. but we will get through this and become stronger. keep holding on.