Moms: Would you accept your son to be gay / bi?

I'm a guy that just graduated high school. Their was a lot of likes and comments that were good. When I go to my local football game. Some of my high school friends that are still in high school saw it and ask me if it was a hack and if i was gay. I told them it was a hack and they were glad that I'm not gay. I am not sure if I did the right thing. I came out by this status
" I have something important to say. I'm gay. I am what I am and it's time to stop hiding it.
I am still the same person I was before. I know that many people will not recognize this, and I will
probably lose many friends. Many of you will say, "I knew it!" on the subject of my being homosexual. But those claims were made with no legitimate proof, and coincedentally I really was gay. But now it's time you should all know-- for real. I do not find every male I see attractive, so don't flatter yourselves.If you don't like me for being gay, or if it has made me lose your respect, please delete me from your friends list. I don't need to deal with hateful people like you. Bye and thanks, everyone."
I had a friend that told one of my friends about the status and i wasn't aware of it. The told friend asked me why I have two facebooks and I said it was my coming out account. She said that she knew because of her friend. Will the word spread that quickly? The only problem now that is remaining that my parents dont know that I'm gay yet. I would keep it a secret but if I have to. I would tell my mom about it but I dont want her to tell my dad. How could I bring it up to her in the house without my other family members hearing it? Can I talk to her face to face about it or could I bring it up with a text message or a note? Is it possible to tell another adult about this like a church staff member. I e mailed a woman who worked their 2 months ago and told he i want to tell her something private and she says that i could talk to her about anything or one of the church people. Its been two months without telling her, but now I want to tell her. I dont want to tell my mom without being prepared about it. i am ashamed by it a bit.
I dont know any gay guys, I am the only gay in the family, I will loose a couple of friends, and I heard stories that the parents throw out their gay / lesbians sons and daughters. I am not ashamed by that but afraid of the future. I have a crush on a guy during the last semester. I friended him on facebook and said whats up and responded " not much" Only that. It was some random guy I saw in my lunch period. He is one grade lower than me and he's black athlete that played football this year. I think he also played basketball also. I had some weird situation when he came into the place where I was working at and he played some basketball in there. Yeah I think i still like him, but it wont work out. Will my mom care if I want to buy some lepard print speedos and a zebra print swimming thong to wear to go to the pool and beach? How could I bring it up to her and will she think that i'm gay? Okay. I have some older brothers than me. I wonder how they would react when they know that I'm gay, When could I tell them also?

Hey honey. For me homosexuality is not correct behavior. I am Christian and believe Free Will is a God given Gift. All of us have the right to choose the way we live our lives. It is our life and ours alone.

A Problem many people have is they do will not detach from
choices others make. These people have difficultly respecting others as human beings who are equal to themselves. Controlling others either overtly or covertly is immoral, impossible to achieve, and actually quite crazy. Anyone who attempts to control others is not behaving with clear thinking sanity. With that all said before doing or saying anything it all know what your True motives are. Not just the first reason, most likely an excuse, that is thought of and stated. I for one would not communicate anything of a personal nature in other way than face to face. People text spouses they are divorcing, any number of uncomfortable subjects, I feel it is completely inappropriate, disrespectful, and cowardly. I do not get the impressions that you are that type of person.

Out of respect for others, especially elderly grandparents, I would forgo the leopard print Speedo and zebra print thong. It is my opinion that it would be much nicer to show respect for your body. Ask yourself why do you want to wear those particular items. Why to that event, why when I am with those people? For me it appears you are not being open and honest about your sexuality at all. I interpret it as cramming your choices in a non verbal surprising way and I would not like that if you wee my son. That may not be that case and I could be wrong. There are many things I would like to wear. I choose not to according to the situation and others present. This is my feeling and has nothing to do with male, female, gay, straight whatsoever. Not to hide anything, but to observe proper protocol and to be respectful of others' rights, not only my own. Is this an attempt to avoid better form of communication? The better forms, I must say, are never the easiest way. If so I would not on the basis of that alone.

So honey I am pleased to see you reach out for others' suggestions and hope you find a way to proceed that you can be completely pleased with. Being pleased with Your behavior is what is important. Good luck and great decision making ahead is what I hope get out of SG!smile

As a mom of a high school senior, I would not care one way or the other if my child were gay. That would be fine with me, and since moms tend to be intuitive about their kids, chances are, your mom already knows. Don't hide it from her. Just tell her outright. I would, however, care if you shoved your sexuality in my face, or in anyone else's for that matter. Flaunting one's sexuality, gay or straight, would be in poor taste, as are the leopard speedo and zebra thong. No one, gay or straight, looks good in those. Gross.