So uni starts on Monday and i'm super nervous. I always get like this when I know I'm going to meet new people, teachers, everyone. I feel like they are all going to think I'm fat and ugly and stupid, and not take me seriously. Gaaaaah I wish I had enough confidence to at least put one outfit on and keep it on without changing a million times. Hope everyone is having a good week. Stay strong, tomorrow is friday!
:) Sonrisas

sonrisas .....

You will be fine on Monday. Please do not try to interpret other people’s actions or lack of actions as condescending remarks towards yourself.

Please think of yourself as the beautiful human being that you are, that you have a lot offer the World, that you are smart enough to be there and that no matter what that you are still an incredible person.

As for the outfit thingy .... you are not alone. Both men and women go through that. That just tells me that you care about how you look and that you still have some measure of self-esteem. :)

Good luck.

sonrisas...I understand how frightening this situation must be for you. I hope you can reframe your thoughts to focus more on enjoying your day, meeting new people without doubting yourself and experiencing what the day holds for you in the most positive manner.
It's hard, but each time you push through this, I truly believe it will get easier. What others think of you is none of your business...think about it....take care..Jan ♥

Thanks Jan and Luvs. It's going to be a struggle, I know it is but i've gotten through it in the past. It's just the anxiety leading up to it. Luvs, I don't know if i condsider it my own self-esteem because I'm so scared of being judged by my style and my (gaaahhh) size:(. Once I'm past the first day I'll feel a little better but it's just scaring me right now. Your support means a lot!!!!! :) Sonrisas

Hey Sonrisas,

I used to be in your situation a lot. Worried that people won't like me because of how I look, and my size. But, if you think about you really want to be associated with people who only like you for those things? People that, if you change, will not like you anymore? Your personality is what makes you beautiful.
I know that sounds cliche, and like something your mother used to say to you as a child...but it's true. I know lots of girls that look pretty on the outside, but when I look at them, I don't see them as pretty because I know who they ARE. Inside they are ugly. They are judgmental, mean, selfish, and shallow. Their looks cannot save them because their personality creates a cloak over them.
But when you are beautiful inside, well that radiates out over your entire body, making you irresistibly attractive. It accents all your features in the most wonderful way.
When I first met my boyfriend, I thought he was a pretty attractive guy. But as I got to know him more and more...his appearance changed to drop dead gorgeous. He was such a nice, sweet, caring guy that his inner appearance shined through so brilliantly that I find I can never take my eyes off him! Even if he just woke up, his hair is a mess and he's in his pjs. No matter what he looks like on the outside, his insides are so strong they overpower all.

So just remember, your outer appearance isn't the most important here. Just be yourself and let it shine :)

Good Luck!!
Paige xoxo

Aww thats so cute and you are so inspirational!! I hope I can find the strength to suck it up and make it a good day. Its the first day of uni i mean I have to go into it with a positive attitude. I'll try I promise. Thanks for replying :) Sonrisas