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I have been having veggies with all meals but still 2 shakes a day but i have managed to eliminate one shake and eat actual food with the veggies once per day. Why am I finding im more hungry AFTER i eat my meals then i was BEFORE?

I have always had this problem. I sometimes want to skip meals because I am concerned that once i eat i will eat a larger quantity than i expect or want to. Sometimes when I begin to eat, I find that i'm not even hungry but it is time to eat. But I like to eat, and something about eating makes me feel good, until i go to far and that is when guilt and disappointment start kicking in. When i do stop myself when i know i have had enough, I often still am left with cravings.
As far as I know, I have a deep imbalance with my spleen, an organ in your body that regulates your cravings and hunger. A spleen imbalance will allow you to be hungry irregularly or simply all the time. That is what my acupuncturist told me.

yes—um see-- gina—she is has an ED ( anorexia–) so she is hungry becasue of that…

not a spleen imbalance…she is hungry–simply because she is hungry…


simple--gina --plain and simple --your body is simply not getting enough food even still. so yes hunger will happen..


I was thinking my hunger cues are effed up?

No no, its much appreciated, thank you <3

your hunger cues probably are effed up honestly. I remember mine being so screwed up in treatment and before I went to treatment.

now they are getting all wonky again. I eat and then after 2 hours am starving again so I can relate to how you are feeling. but maureen is probably right--it is because of your ED. You probably still aren't giving your body enough of what it needs and it is probably in starvation mode. Your body is probably trying to tell you to get what you can because it doesn't know when it will be fed adequately again...does that make sense?


Because your body is starving, feed it <3

When your body doesn't get what it needs it goes into survival mode. Did you know that by starving ourselves and restricting we're actually making our body store more fat than it normally would. I mean of course it eventually goes away because our body's have to use every little ounce of whatever it can to sustain itself but we are essentially messing with our body's natural occurrences. I've read things about how ED completely discombobulate our hunger patterns. We don't know when we're hungry anymore and we don't know when we're full usually until it hurts. So yeah, your body's functions are totally out of whack, they're going to be until you start really reversing all the the imbalance. =/ sucks but you can totally do it!

P.s. I got sidetracked and never made it to the supermarket =/... I feel bad.

gina, i too can't distinguish anymore about when i'm full and when i'm truly hungry. it's part of this **** disease!

second, yes, i'm quite sure your calorie intake is still way too low and at times your body has no reserves left so it will ask for more.

third possibility (although in this case less likely): your metabolism is changing due to incorporating different foods, you may burn a bit faster.

forth thought: how long do you take to have your meals? did you used to spend more time on the shakes/bars than you do on the veg? maybe satiety doesn't set in by the time you're finished.

man, i hate speculating but it's all trial and error, right?!


Hmmm interesting...but im not really starving it...i mean i am physically eating, you know?

have you talked to your dr/dietician about this? I am almost 2 years out of treatment after 20 years in an ED and still have hunger/fullness issues. And I swear; I am not hungry when it is time to eat, but I am totally hungry as soon as I am done. After my first meal, I sometimes feel like I need to immediately eat a second. THAT drives my ED bonkers.

Its creepy and something that my team is watching closely. I know that it isn't that my food intake is low; I am on target with that, so it's either that my cues are still wonky or that there is something going on with my blood sugar, or something else.

Anyways, my point is that our bodies are screwed up it will take a while to fix. ED recovery is a test of patience! Keep going. You are worth it!

Its sooo frustrating it generally happens after dinner and im left listening to a rumbling tummy all night, which i know cant be hungry as i fed it dinner :/

Unless you eat dinner RIGHT before bed, you will still be hungry a few hours later. Our bodies need energy as much at night as during the day! If you're growling or rumbling, you're hungry again! But, your dietitian or doctor is the person to talk to about this!

Have you considered that it could be thirst? Sometimes thirst feels like hunger. Its only a slightly different feeling at first. I can only distinguish it now because of lots of practice and patience. Usually about 2 hours after a meal I will get the sensation of thirst and it feels like my food is digesting which can be confused for hunger. Drinking about 16 ounces of water quenches my thirst and the sensation goes away.

The others are probably right about you being genuinely hungry too. Just because ED tells us we have had enough to eat doesn't mean we actually have. Intuitive eating takes so much practice, patience, and trial and error. Keep at it and eventually you will find what works for your body!

Oh i drink tea constantly throughtout the day, it cant be thirst. But thanks for the advice :)

Tea and coffee are dehydrating! "Thirst" and "hydration" are two things often mistaken for each other!

Actually, what kind of tea are you drinking. If it's hot tea that usually has a lot of caffeine in it and caffeine actually dehydrates you.

Also, to add to the thing about blood sugar. I think I read somewhere once that ED can totally mess with your pancreas and possibly cause diabetes. It kind of makes sense when you think about all of the highs and lows we have with b/p and what not. Not sure though so don't quote me on that.

Hope dinner went well,

caffinee free, not dehydrating at all actually

Dani, i have diabetes.