Morning everyone, I am thisclose to calling off my job. Did

Morning everyone, I am thisclose to calling off my job. Did not sleep well and feeling fractureed . I really have to go in if I want to keep this ridiculous job (so boring = zero motivation every day!
Everyone else seems so put together. Feeling frumpy and old...need change so badly...uggh!

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@Littlesis7 I am so glad I am not alone. I can relate trust me. What kind of work do you do? It's sad that we are stuck in dead end just so we can pay our bills. I work from 4pm to midnight as a cashier at a gas station and I am bored out of my mind. When we are not waiting on customers we are to straighten the shelves, dust, make coffee, mop the floor go in the cooler, it is 35 degrees in there, put beer and drinks on the shelves, some we have to use a step stool to stand on to load up with the product. Take out the trash and clean the bathrooms. I have spent my life working on my computer skills and working in an office I get so bored I tear up at night. I work with either young kids that don't care or women my age that have no job skills and all they do is complain that nobody does any work while they stand around and do nothing. I have received 4 rejections for jobs already. I try to not let it get to me, but some days it does. That's why I post on here to get y feelings out and try not to dwell on my crappy life. I just keep saying I need this job to pay my bills and I pray that life gets better for everyone. Hang in there, 2021 has to get better.

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Omg Snowghost it has been a loooong time wow. I just checked back into Sg with the new umm…revised format lol. I had to take a brk it kept logging me off or dumping carefully crafted paragraphs.
How has life been treating you ‘post-covid?’ After dodging covid for 2+ yrs, I got it last Fall. Really crappy and I’m not keen on going thru it again with RSVor something…uggg.
Are there many of us ‘Old Timers’ left on this site? I think I started 8-9 YEARS ago LOL.