Morning. On my 6 day. NC. He texted last night. I did not re

Morning. On my 6 day. NC. He texted last night. I did not reply. His words always seem to have two meanings. Or am I imagining what is written between the lines.

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They are masters of manipulation so wise to read between the lines. Stay strong BC is the only way xx

Yes, Woke up feeling sick to my stomach. Left house saw the bag was gone....He must have picked up in the middle of night....I am staying strong, but finding myself feeling extremely sad. Why cant I stop loving him....feeling crazed.

@Lynniethelinewolf Congrats on another day narc free. You are feeling narc withdrawal It’s very common when you first leave your narc. He is your drug and you feel you need it. You don’t. Your doing a good job hanging in there. Keep it up!!

HOW LONG before you feel somewhat better about yourself, work, life, everything?

@Lynniethelinewolf it took me 9 months to finally leave. Since August I’ve been dealing with the pain but learning and reading and finding support online has helped me a lot. He’s contact me but I haven’t responded. It takes time and it’s painful time. It’s difficult to stay strong also. Keep posting, venting, crying, feeling. It all helps I think. It helped me.

I think it's impossible to know how long it will be bc it varies per person

I also feel embarrassed telling others how much i put up with and i cant explain why as there isnt a good reason. This isnt me so ppl dont even believe it.

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@iwillgetout __YES YES YES, my friends keep telling me you are the strong one, you were always the strongest person I ever met…I don’t feel so strong…And explaining, does not help…