My 30 year old son is in bad shape. He suffered from anxie

My 30 year old son is in bad shape. He suffered from anxiety from early on and has struggled with PTDS and now really fits to BPD to a T. He had a traumatic brain injury 3 years ago and has real emotion regulation issues. Trying to support him has really taken its toll on me. I am his biggest supporter yet he hates me so much at times. He has medical issues as well and feels that he has fungus through out his body causing inflamation and sickness. He has been detoxed from benzos from the accident in a holistic way and now is on many vitamins and supplements to rebuild his body. Is eating only what he knows his gut will handle with organic foods, no GMO, no gluten, I don't know what to do anymore and I am scared. He really verbally blasted me again and I don't know how to help him. He turns on a dime at times and it is really hard to understand and cope. Needing to find some help. Any and all comments, suggestions and support is so needed. Please ... thank you from a desperate Mom.

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What you describes fits traumatic brain injury to a T, more than BPD, as BPD is usually seen much earlier and usually doesn't happen because of a brain injury. It is very very common for someone with TBI to have mood swings, with real anger, that can push supportive family members away. getting into therapy to help cope and learn tools is so important to the healing process. I even heard of a game created to help those with TBI heal called "super better" that can help in the healing process as well. Above all, taking care of yourself is really important. You are his caregiver, and need support through this as well. He is so lucky to have you! I found this link that might help:

Thank you for reaching out. I am at the end of my rope. My therapist says he really has characteristics of BPD but she also knows that the brain injury can be a factor. I am so lost and hurting for him. i have tried self care but last few days can barely manage that. He hates me and wants me dead at the moment and he has no one else to support him. He has no friends, no social outlet, does not work and has physical ailment symptoms. He was exposed to mold and feels that the fungus is eating him from inside sinus and possibly lungs. He did have candida in his gut that was highly rare for someone like him. He has gut issues.

I just feel like I am falling apart. I don't have the will to continue but I know I have to.

My brother had a serious brain injury 40+ years ago and for quite a few years after his personality really changed - he too could become very angry over nothing and once or twice was violent. It passed eventually so don't give up hope.

Well it has been 3 years and he really has only developed this BPD type behavior since the TBI. Prior it was just anxiety and some min. depression.

No one can seem to help us. I am feeling very discouraged. SO few resources are out there.