My 30th birthday is in 6.5 weeks. I would like to lose a goo

My 30th birthday is in 6.5 weeks. I would like to lose a good amount of weight by then, but my overall weightloss goal is about 70lbs.

My biggest obstacles right now are:
--I work the night shift, so my sleep is either sparse or too much.
--I have arthritis in my lower back
so I have to stop workouts before I want to. Or it stops me from working out in the first place. My doctor has also advised me not to do certain exercises.
-- Food! I'm a single person household, so groceries go to waste ($). I have been ordering Factor, but it's expensive so I don't order a lot. I'm also kind of a picky eater so a lot of the suggested health foods/drinks I don't like.. I've been told I need to eat MORE calories throughout the day which is very hard for me. I usually only eat one meal a day (if that).
--Motivation. I have things to motivate me mentally. Like I know what my motivators are. But physically getting up and going to the gym is a struggle.. I would rather sleep. Lol.
--Also, since right before I turned 18, I have been struggling with urinary urgency (not frequency, not incontinence- just urgency) and no doctor has been able to figure out why, or what might help it. So getting outside for a walk where there are no bathrooms gets to me mentally. Or going out in public in general, when I don't know the bathroom situation.. I hate being at the gym, being sweaty and having to go to the bathroom. So when I'm having bad days with the urgency, its just another excuse to not go to the gym that day...

Any input, advice or questions, are welcome!

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For me it was to cut out sugary sweets soda, candy, pie,cake, (yes all that good stuff) and excess salt from diet. No potato chips or salt shaker at the table Oh, sorry no fast food either! It was hard the first week but after that it became easier. 1 Fruited Greek yogurt was my sweet treat for each day. For activity I walk a total minimum of 5 miles each day. I see walking might be a challenge for you, start slow and try to go further each day. In a year I lost close to 110lbs. Think you might be setting yourself up for a failure if you want to lose 70lbs within six weeks. It is better to plan on losing a little than a lot so you don’t become discouraged.

@starship oh no not 70lbs in 6 weeks! 70lbs total. In 6 weeks I just want to lose a decent amount… but thanks for that advice. 110lbs in one year?! That’s awesome. Very encouraging.

Am so glad that you clarified. I was hoping you were not trying to lose that much weight in 2 months. When I see those ads which claim to melt the fat in a short time I shake my head. Personally feel it is better to change a diet than to buy into some for profit company.
I eat more chicken and white fish. Lots of veggies raw or steamed. Drink lots of plain water The first six months I noticed the biggest loss which is typical. Two tips. Keep a journal of what your eating and when. include all snacks. second do not check your weight every day.

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@CKBlossom ugh I’ve tried so many different doctors/therapies/medications I can’t even tell you what they were