My anxiety has been so bad since my daughter was taken away

My anxiety has been so bad since my daughter was taken away from me from skipping too much school. Now I’m depressed and anxious all the time I just feel so hopeless and alone like a failure at life.

hey really sorry you are going thru this awful pain. I'm not sure what you're going thru but I've been there with kids. It wasn't until many yrs later that I was blamed for some issues of 'not making sure they were in school every single day' really hit me so negatively bc I was trying so hard but going thru lifelong depression/ relationship issues, etc...
I understand that you feel hopeless but you're not a failure. This is not your true identity...this is a small part of what has been going on while you are working on You...trying to gain the tools to navigate parenthood (one of the hardest roles on earth!) can often feel so slow, so exhausting to see change or progression and understanding.
Our society loves to pigeon-hole us into some heavy-duty Shame spiral...lots of comparison to our peers. Don't fall into what you think others 'think''s not their life it's yours.
Just clear your head, release stress as much and as healthy as you are able.
Clear the table, write out 2 columns side by side on paper.
One side: list the things you feel strong about and could possibly create a simple plan to begin changing that could impact your daily life.
Other Side: List the things that are difficult BUT ARE COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR CONTROL TO CHANGE....LET THEM GO.
I hope you are able to have access to some kind of Therapy? If not, start writing out a journal...get this negative self-image hating talk out, write it ALL long as you need.
Some people like to cleanse themselves by burning the pages in a grill pit outside or similar to watch the embers go up and AWAY from you.
Then, get online, join some support groups for Moms in your position. You are not alone.
Do lots of self help DIY research about Mental health...depression, addictions (phone, internet included) see where you fit in -
keep going...
take or leave my's ok.