My anxiety has caused me to be 85 lbs and anorexic

i was diognosed as and anorexic a month ago after going from 110 lbs to 90 lbs. here's my story:
in june of 2010 my anxiety stuck me and got extremely bad.
i was now to the point i was to afraid to eat or drink anything besides poptarts and water. for 7 months now thats all ive been doing. im also very fearful of medication. i am not anorexic because i choose to be, i am because my brain is taking over my life. now im threatened with waking up dead any day because of low potassium. my body is nasty. i wish this upon no one. your hair falls out..your skeleton shows. i use to be im depressed.

Please edit your post to remove any referance to weight #'s, calories, size and bmi this can be triggering to other users recovery.

Hi Misukkay:

Your story sounds like mine. I was in a really abusive marraige which caused anxiety and depression. I'm out of the relationship but my anxiety came in the form of food depriivaton (if I can control nothing else, I can control my weight). I dropped about 15 lbs in a short period of time and my shrink, who I'm seeing about the anxiety, just throws pills at me and tells me to eat!!?? Like you, my hair is noticibly thinner, you can see my skeleton, clothes don't fit. it is a hellish way to live. So take heart that you are not alone and good luck!:)

unimportant, please also refrain from posting #'s with regards to is written rather clearly in the group heading, thanks.


I did not mention how much I weigh, but rather the amount unintentionally lost....there is a difference. I am aware of the guidelines for this site and would appreciate it if I was not reprimanded by you for saying how much weight I lost If I had posted I gained 50 lbs, would that too be wrong??

for those suffering with eating disorders Gina is only pointing out that even sharing how much weight you lost CAN be triggering to anyone struggling with an Ed. Because you see some people with Eds strive to be perfect and would possibly become jealous.
It does clearly state to please refrain from posting any #s be it weight loss or weight in general. Gina is only politely reminding you not to post any numbers.
I know it was unintentional on your part. We are all struggling here and for those of us who have recieved treatment like myself it is fair to say that posting any numbers can also be triggering for us.
Being fresh out of treatment the emotions of weight gain having struggled with anorexia may bring back feelings of wanting to lose again.

Again I know that was not your intention s I myself have been quilty of posting triggering content unintentionally…it happens.

Lets focus on recovery and support one another.
You both have found a pro recovery site WELCOME to support Groups:)

Thanks again Gina for the reminder!


I would like to ask if you have received professional help with your ED? Are you seeing a counselor? I hope so and you have stumbled upon a pro recovery site I hope you will find this place helpful to you in your recovery and feed off on all the positive vibes from this place. Please continue to share..we are here to support one another through our struggles.
Welcome to support groups!!!


unimportant me---ok id like to know why when people are told of something they did wrong --why do people get so defensive? and yes of course it is triggering to put the number you lost/gained also. why was it a problem when gina nicely reminded you of the rules of the site???? why do people get so angry when corrected???? gina was being nice to you and she did NOT reprimand all... she was not mean nor rude to you

It's okay guys, the poster was just being a bit ignorant. We work hard to ensure this is a safe community and #'s are not helpful in any way.

I am not unkind or ignorant. I wasn't aware that putting down that you unintentionally lost weight would create such a debate. I thought this site was "supportive" yet I have learned that in order to get that support comes with a have to play by someone elses rules and you can't be honest. If any of us is going to recover, isn't it helpful to be totally honest? You shouldn't have to censor your reply to check to be sure there is not a number in there somewhere.

And it's not a matter of my being "defensive"'s a matter of putting it all in context. Period. I wish everyone on this site well and hope we can rise above the pettiness and move onto recovery.

Please read the disclaimer at the top of the page if you are unclear.

I understand how you might have unintentionally posted numbers without meaning to be triggering at all. I know there have been times when I've done the same. These rules are really just meant to ensure that the site stays pro recovery. When numbers get thrown in, things can quickly spiral into proED. I think it all goes back to what anonymousgirl said about people with eds striving for perfection. ED loves numbers and uses them as just another tool in his horrible game.

I am aware of the "rules". I just don't need a 3rd party "remind" me of them if I slip up as none of us is perfect.