My anxiety has increased for the past couple of weeks. I kee

My anxiety has increased for the past couple of weeks. I keep over thinking everything, I can physically feel it overwhelm me. I have tried talking to people about it, but to them they are unable to see the 'big deal' in it as I do. Its exhausting and overwhelming to the point that I'm not sleeping properly and continously feel like crying. Everything is too scary for me right now

I have that feeling too but you're not alone here

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Absolutely not alone, Aria. I was just at the tire shop waiting for my tires to be changed and I have to pop a Xanax and go for a walk because they were taking too long.... anxiety sucks. Outside of medication, the best things I have found are exercise (even just a brisk walk) meditation, and breathing exercises. Good luck to you and keep looking for support as you need it! We're here for you.

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@Stillstandingbutbroken thanks I exercise regularly but I’m just in a state where my brain doesn’t want to rest.

Are you in counseling or seeking medical intervention?

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@Stillstandingbutbroken I have been seen by psychiatrists and just finished my 5th course of CBT. I’m on medication, but I feel like I just can’t have a break from it. Exercise provides a temporary relief from symtpoms, but soon after my brain is drowning.

Do you have an as-needed medication? Right now with what's goin on in my life I'm up to 5-6 Xanax a day while before my "real problems" came about, I was taking about .5-1.5 a day as needed. It's NOT a fix, but it can help you function.

Maybe some basic talk therapy might help you figure out where the issues are coming from. Speak with a psychologist or LCSW? I'm not really familiar with CBT but if 5 times though it isn't helping, maybe it's time for something else?

I definitely feel your pain with feeling my brain is drowning. It's an absolutely AWFUL feeling. Have you found any other activities that help distract your brain? I've lost interest in everything that I used to use to distract myself. It's a hard road to navigate. My therapist recommended adult color books because of the way they effect our brain and engage us. I have not tried one yet, but I am going to get one today. I'll let you know if it seems to help... Best of luck and we're here for you.

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@Stillstandingbutbroken Thank you for sharing and I am sorry you’re also having a tough time. It is so hard and so crippling. I’m on medication that I take every night which helps me sleep better.
I think I need some kind of therapy that will help me cope with my issues from the past as well as dealing with the present, just don’t know where to start and keep thinking that I will be like this forever.

Exercise usually helps me and that’s the only thing I have right now. I have tried adult colouring books and puzzle activities, which helps with the anxiety for a while, but sometimes low mood takes over and like you I lose interest in everything. Thank you. Good luck to you too! Hope things get better