My anxiety is improving and I feel like I might be coming o

My anxiety is improving and I feel like I might be coming out of my break down. My friends have really been helping me get through this difficult time for me.
My symptoms seem to be intermittent, worse then better then worse. I'm feeling ok now and trying to do my breathing exercises.. I hope I'm in the clear soon.

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That is wonderful, on top of it i would recommend reading anti-anxiety self help books.

I recommend the book Anxiety: Overcome Anxiety Feel Instant Relief And Enjoy Life Once More

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Good for you!

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Talking w/friends bout anxitey & panic attacks is helpful, most people at some point in life experience these, some are more serious and at times crippling. But talking helps the time pass and makes you feel your not alone or losing your mind.. Good luck it know that feeling of just being happy to say I feel ok today :)

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Glad to hear you feel like the anxiety is improving. When I get anxiety there's a YouTube channel I go to called thehonestguys. They're awesome and have specific videos for anxiety. Hope the rest of your day goes well!

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@FindingFreedom33 Its so great to hear that you're doing better. Good for you. I know it's intermittment sometimes better, then worst, and vice versa. It's how Progess goes slow, but steady. Yes, but most of all you have friends to see you through these difficult times. You are certainly blessed! Baby steps, it's going to get better soon. Be strong the best is yet, to follow. SG friends are here, to support, and be supported.

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@Irma It’s funny you say baby steps because that’s what one friend tells me. I have adult Tourettes so the anxiously complicates the condition. Friends and a lot of prayer is helping.