My back pain has gotten so bad that I can no longer walk una

My back pain has gotten so bad that I can no longer walk unassisted. I was supposed to get an epidural on Wednesday, but our brakes went out on the car and we needed new ones. I lost the cash we put aside for my injection. I am in constant pain and very depressed. Happy New Year to me, UGH!!!!

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Pain is brutal. I'm sorry to hear that you need assistance th to walk, and are unable to get your much needed err epidural block. I hope that your situation improves. Know that you're not alone. Please continue to come back here.

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@Justwanttobeloved Thank you for responding. I don’t post about myself often. I did this time because I am really in trouble. Pain is winning this battle.

So sad you're going through this. I'll be praying for you. : (

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@Scat Thank you Scat. Prayers are always appreciated

@CKBlossom Yeah, that would be nice. Unfortunately close family have all passed. I have two children, but I would never dream of asking them for help. They have their own problems. I do appreciate the suggestion.

I am so sorry to hear you missed your appointment for an injection. I know you need those. And to think someone stole your money. That makes me mad, people are so cruel. A go fund me page is a good idea. I did one when my mom passed, got a little money to help out. Candles help me to relax also, I started making them also. I just enjoy the smell of them. What about incents?

@kprincess613 Hi, nice to hear from you. You know I have anxiety that goes beyond candles.( I like them too) How are you feeling? I tried to PM you, but it is still not working. I really want to catch up with you. Let’s hope they straighten up this new design soon. Take care and know that you are in my prayers. The money was not stolen. We had to use it to fix the brakes on our car.

About time! Seeing the dentist in the morning. Talk to you in the afternoon. Sleep well.

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@Marinewife you are so impatient …hahaha…love you my friend, call you tomorro
w…if I don’t tease you, I would be remiss…xo.

I hate having to pick the most needed first. Maybe someone will surprise you with some financial help. I guess you have tried acupuncture already.

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Yes, I have tried acupuncture. Surprises are always nice. I was surprised by a friend giving me a Teeter hang up. She bought a new one as gave me the one she had been using. It is used to stretch out the spine and decompress the nerves. I have not tried it yet, but hope to after I ask my doctor. I need to make sure it is safe and will not do anymore damage to my back.

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Is anyone else having the same problems that I have with pain management?

Yes, I am. Another thing I use is a TENS unit. I got with a Rx from dr but u can buy them on Amazon. If u don't have one, I suggest getting one asap.

You may need new electrode patches, they don't last forever. U can find them on Amazon

got new ones a couple of months ago. Keep trying. lol

Yeah, ain't it.

I get you. Completely. Currently stuck in a chair. Oh, I can walk. With crutches and extreme pain. Currently, diagnosis is up in the air. Insurance, if you can call it that, doesn't help.

Why do you have pain? Any idea? If not, as in idiopathic, then are you on any medicines? I've actually seen pain being caused by prescription medicines. Especially in the lower back. Check your meds.

Now, are you a Marine? This only matters because of the Corps. A while back, a Marine was "blown up" in the Middle East. Shipped home, the VA at the base was more than helpful. But, when he came home, the local VA did their usual. Anything they can to screw servicemen. Now, I won't say what was done, or by who, but suffice to say that he got all the medicine he needed, free of charge. Marines aren't loners. They are a loner. A bunch of men and women who become one group that stick by each other, in combat and at home.

Yes, I know that it's not something you do. Ask for help. But, Marines look after each other. And, sometimes, those of us who owe Jarheads kick in too. I've even helped one get through college classes because his job kept him out of class too much.

So, maybe someone you know could help. My wife's cancer treatment was about $2,000 a shot. Not sure it worked. And, it was a little high for synthetic pot. But, if you have a few friends, it might help get the shot and you can pay them back. Or, if they're like most, forget it. It's a kind of brotherhood that shames most families.

Depending on your ride, there may be other ways. Stealerships are murder. A few of us have done enough odd jobs to be able to jury rig things. Brakes can be easy. Given the vehicle, the price to repair your problem may have been dirt cheap. Probably not something you could do with your pain, but something you might be able to do once controlled. Cars look intimidating, but they're really simple. Computers get harder, but most kids today know computers like the palm of their hand. Depending on what went out, pads, rotors, and so on, you can get replacement parts anywhere and it just takes labor to fix it. Your make and model should have a manual, repair, on it. You may pay for it, or you may be able to locate it online, free. Of course, you probably know this already.

Pain and depression go hand in hand. I'm getting that "education" right now. Fixing it is easy. Ease the pain. What have you tried? It's sad but a lot of vets are denied treatment because the USG doesn't like the methods. Their drug war is causing problems. You're an example. Denying medicine to people in pain can cause more pain and problems, leading to suicide. A friend of mine took this approach a few years ago. I'm still pissed at the VA.

I wish I could help, somehow. My funds are drained. Mostly thanks to 2020. Prices up, funds the same. Literally hemorrhaging here. A lot of people are in the same place. So, yeah, I get your funds too. Either/or and neither was easy.

Simper Gumby.

@Altrusian Hi, I enjoyed your rant. My husband was a marine. I know all about the VA. He needs both shoulders replaced, like that will ever happen. I get medication alright, just not enough to ease a stubbed toe. I just signed up for online counseling through my insurance. Do not see how talking about my pain will help much but I will try it. I get back injections every other month. Been through all their mumbo jumbo and now they are starting over. Pain clinics are a joke. They do not help me and change more than I can afford for a very small prescription. I have thought about suicide, but can’t do that to my family. We lost our son two years ago to suicide. He had three rods in his back, pain management wouldn’t touch him, so he chose alcohol as his pain killer of choice. Got black out drunk every night. This war on drugs is also killing pain patients, but no one cares about us, just the junkies. I appreciate your thoughtful response. I supported you if you would like to talk more.