My bfs son is still at it. Addiction is the worse. He won't

My bfs son is still at it. Addiction is the worse. He won't get a job. He can't keep a job and won't go for as even though he can get it. He wants to take everything he can from his dad but his dad does put his foot down. The kid is almost 29 very intelligent but no common sense. I have messages into my state representative and once they come back from Harrisburg they want to hear what I have to say. I would like to see facilities build for people like my bfs son that can't live in the real world that need uncontrolled and facilities for people with serious addiction that need more time in rehabs other than a week or a month. That's not enough time for anything. you have to want to get help n admit u have a problem.

My son is in recovery, i cannot tell you how many times we have taken this journey. Something seems to be clicking this time. Maybe because he is allowing the process to work for him instead of trying to manipulate it. Maybe because he's been told, that he has no place to live if he isn't in recovery. You are right, the 21 days addicts are in rehab after their 3-10 days of detox is a bullshit money making process. The hoops that have to be gone through are ridiculous. Rehabilitation services have been taken over by private companies that have tied the hands of the social workers, advocates and counselors that are there to help. The hardest and best thing we as parents did for our son is drove away after his apartment was tossed by the police. He was standing on the side of the road with no place to go. He was homeless. 2 maybe 3 weeks later HE did all the work to go into recovery. HE is still working hard in recovery and understands that he is the only one that can keep himself in recovery.

I was naive to think after the first time he went to rehab, he would be cured, and life would resume as normal. Like your bf's son, my son is one of the smartest people i know. Maybe you can talk to your bf about going to an alanon meeting. It's support for familys of addicts.

I pray every night for the addicts and the addicts families.

@Lsoozer does ur son have mental problems as well?? I have made the suggestion that he has to walk away from his son it’s called tough love. my bf will complain one moment then bend over backwards to help him. we get into arguments all the time. The mother walked 6 yrs ago after the money ran out that my bf inherited. she’s exactly like the son mirror images of each other. she loves her wine n pills. I’m advocating for facilities for people with mental illness and people that got into this life through no fault if their own. Just like anything else we all have a choice. I’m tired of dealing with it. It’s cutting into bf n I relationship. the only reason I stay is bf works on my vehicles. I can’t his son with a passion. I’m sorry it’s how I feel. the son is destroying everything around him. All he cares about are pills and his medical marijuana. he wants the ultimate high.