My big sister is having a really bad day. My parent are expo

My big sister is having a really bad day. My parent are exposing her on social media for making out with her boyfriend. Like, she 17. Its not as bad as my mom losing her virginity when she was 15. Like, WTH. And to add to the mess, she thinks her boyfriend is going to break up with her. They had their 1 month anniversary yesterday. And he has been yelling at her all day. I don't know how to comfort her. Can yall help me?

Her boyfriend said that he is thinking about breaking up with her. She is sobbing her eyes out

Wow! Your parents are exposing her social media? That's very disturbing that " parents" are doing that. What's so bad about her making out with her bf anyway. Are you talking about your bio mom or step mom exposing her? It must be the step mom. Do you know why her bf is yelling at her? All you can do is check on her and let her know if she wants to talk to let you know.

Stepmom. And he is mad because his whole family knows they got caught making out and his family wont leave him alone about it so hes yelling at her

@AnxietyLife09 That’s too bad the parents are making such a horrible deal out of it. What parents put stuff like that on social media??? Ridiculous! I feel sorry for your sister and her bf. Reassure her she didn’t do anything wrong. Teenagers do that, it’s completely normal.