My boss

is a true *****.

I get the impression that you call 'em as you see 'em :) Bet that one felt good.

misst, I hope you're feeling better and you're boss is being better overall.

I started a job today and my boss was a complete asshole. I am not going back there. It was too stessful. I just can't deal with it

Hi AthleticArtist23, I am so sorry that you had to deal with such a negative situation at work. My friends and I were actually just talking about all of our nightmare bosses throughout our careers. Luckily we've all come out and away from all of those awful situations and are now in really good positive work environments. I share this with you, because it is absolutely possible and feasible to get yourself into a really happy work place. I am praying for you and sending you tons of good energy. Please keep sharing, I am here to support you in any way that I can.

I have to decide whether I want to go back to it or to not go back. What are your thoughts?

So to understand correctly; this was your very first day and your boss was a nightmare. Well, that definitely puts a very bad taste in your mouth and doesn't set a good precedent. It's so hard to decipher because there could have been many factors as to why he was such a ****.

How much do you love and need this job? How was this boss when you interviewed with him? Was he a **** directly to you and at you or was it an indirect rudeness? I'd love more details so that I can help you through this so please share anything that you're comfortable sharing.

Yeah, I've worked for some real jerks in my day. What I've found is at least with the jerks, you can see them coming. The dangerous bosses are the ones who pretend to be cool but are screwing you behind your back. Secretly screwing you over to get ahead. Honestly, I've yet to work for a boss that I respect, trust, admire, or would aspire to be like professionally. So I typically ignore their antics and focus on doing the best that I can at my job. So far it has worked rather successfully in my career.

I dont really love this job. I am 17 and just looking for something where I can earn a little bit of money.
I didnt get an interview. I was hired on the spot. He tried joking, but it was kind of in a jerkish way and I didnt like it

Ok, got it AthleticArtist23. If he is totally intolerable, then I would move completely on and away from this job. There are a ton of opportunities out there for you, life is so precious and there is really no time or need to deal with people like that. If you are uncomfortable in that environment and with that boss, then get out there and find something that makes you happy. Every job will have something that may be off, such as a boss, co-worker, the job itself, but the positives should way out weight the negatives. Wishing you lots of luck! I know that you'll find a great new job. Please keep sharing.

Ya the whole work thing is so tough. I think although management styles are changing there are some that still believe in ruling with the iron fist...where I would be more of a believer of freedom improves innovation with an enterprise.

It's amazing what working with people who you truly respect what it can do for your self esteem and for their business because you don't feel like a "slave to the man" you feel like an equal and a valuable part of the business.

Hope people start keeping this in mind in the future
Moongal x

I totally and completely agree Moongal. I have friends and family who tend to lead and manage with an iron fist, whereas I am a die hard believer in hiring people who I trust and know that I can rely on; therefore, I can manage from a macro-level. Your employees should feel like equals and like their owners of the business as well. And, if you give them the freedom and respect that they deserve, then they will produce that much more. The bottom line is that their productivity will show through, so if they're slacking off you'll know it.

All in all, I like to treat others the way that I like to be treated. To me, work should be as fulfilling and interesting as possible. Life is stressful enough, so there's no need to add to it unnecessarily. Keep things lite and happy in the work place and you'll see much better results in the end. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it :-)

i've been at my place of work for almost three years now - every day i am demeaned, belittled, and micromanaged... i feel like this place is eating the soul from inside me and i've lost touch with who i am.

what makes it worse is that my boss is straight up ignorant and cannot even do the most simplest things, yet it is she who treats me like a misbehaving middle schooler...

i really want out.

i come home and i'm bitter... i snap at those i love and my tolerance is nilch.

misst, this sounds like battered employee syndrome or something to me. Tell those you love that you must leave, pick up your stuff and walk out. NO-one deserves to be treated like that. It WILL eat away at your soul because it is outright abuse.
I left the best job I ever had this year because I was bullied by my boss. She was also very inept at her job and cleverly had it all farmed out to several of us in the office. I also would come home and take it out on my loving husband, which is totally wrong! But as soon as she bullied me, I picked up my stuff, walked out, and resigned the next morning. I was doing the work of two people there and I know they suffered when I left. Please save yourself and go. Those who love you will understand and will help you regain your dignity.

I'm sorry about how you feel. So you say you're micro-managed, I gather you're around you're boss pretty much all the time. Have you considered leaving? How do your co-workers feel toward her? or have you told them how you feel?

I'm not saying leave without a job, but maybe start to shop around. Is this a place where you could move departments or is there a HR department you could talk to? You do have choices and I know how hard to feels to be completely taken for granted and then carry it home with feels like a physical weight. But if it is really getting to you...i would recommend you re examine the situation.

We spend about 40-50 hours a week at work. Do you want to spend 40-50 hours a week miseable continously...I don't think do think about what you can do to make the situation better for you and if it means looking for another job, then in the long run it would make for the better option.

Best Wishes to you
Moongal x

Misst, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I have been there; a former boss of mine was an absolute nightmare. She would force me to come into work with a 104 degree fever and strep throat. I had a doctor's note and that didn't even matter. She would threaten my job if I didn't come in. As well, I scratched my cornea and couldn't be in daylight for 24 hours, yet she made me come in to work on a project and sit in front of the computer with tears uncontrollably running down my face from the pain. And then once I completed the project, she snidely told me that she didn't need the project until the following week. These are two small examples of how awful this boss was. It was at that point that I swore to never ever put myself in such a position. I started to look for other opportunities and then went to another company where I was treated with respect.

Nothing and no one is worth feeling miserable over for even a mere moment. Life is too short and too beautiful to keep putting yourself through this. Can you start looking for a new job? Is there anything else that you would rather be doing; such as a passion that you've dreamt of pursuing? If so, then maybe this is your time to spread your wings and start looking at ways to pursue your passion and get out and away from this boss.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you lots of positive energy and wishing you all of the very best.

I'm sure ALOT or let me rephrase that a TON of people can relate to that one. My former boss was such an irate tyrant that even his clients thought he was an ***. Believe me people get theirs. I ended up leaving the place because it just created a toxic enviroment. I figured it out when i kept going back to my local bookstore buying books on "How to deal with Toxic People" "How to Deal with Difficult Co-workers or Bosses" "I thought I was the Crazy One" are a few of the books i read then it dawned on me it wasn't worth my paycheck to give up my sanity. But definitely look and secure a new job first if you are wanting to move on. Other than that know there are different personalities and that its not you its probably your boss who is a bad at being a boss or conducting themselves in a professional manner. If they continue to make you feel like crap or less than just ignore it or move on if its getting to you too much. Being around toxic people won't do crap for your self esteem or good productive work environment. But do stand up for yourself in a professional manner don't allow people to talk or treat you like crap. You can always engage in rough sex when you get home or strenuous exercise. I always wanted to do kick boxing and eventually i will but for the time being I try to run or swim to get my rage out:)