My boyfriend keeps jumping on me for no reason. He claims he

My boyfriend keeps jumping on me for no reason. He claims he is in pain. He has stolen my pain meds leavinge with none to take. Then gets mad and mean when I confront him. He lies even though I know he took them and exact how many. I am sick of him, his lies, and his lying thieving family too. Lord help me I need away from them!

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Sounds like he is getting addicted to them and so he takes yours. This is a tough one. Hmm, this might sound strange, but how about putting placebo tablets in your medicine bottle? Like plain vitamins that look like your pills. Then when he steals them, and they do nothing for him, he will complain to you and then you have caught him red-handed. Keep your real ones somewhere else safe. Just a crazy thought of something you could try!

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I had a boyfriend who would steal my meds too. He would accuse me of taking too many and that's why I would run out before the month was up. Then other meds he would steal the whole prescription like a day after I got them filled. I found that hiding some here and some there would at least give me something to tide me over until I could get the next months refill. Hope this helps. Good luck

I have hid them in different places, put them in different bottles and even put them in vitamin bottles before! He got addicted years ago when he had shoulder surgery. I stay on edge afraid he will od on them. I have a combination lock box to keep them safe. I always lock it and double check it to make sure. I have put pills that look like them in my bottle before. He is a real addict because he knew before he ever took one. I "hid" them and he only got two out, He begged me for one and I got it out of that bottle. He looked at it handed it back and told me real funny you know those are Ibuprofens. So nothing except lock box has worked and he has gotten I to that a couple of times. Lied about it of course then admitted to it said I didn't lock it. I think he saw the combination before I locked it back. Now I never get my meds out in his presence. Double check the lock too. The stress is killing me!

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