My boyfriend talks to other girls

My boyfriend and I live together. I have known him for a long time (we were friends before). I've seen how he has been in the past with another girlfriend and he is not the cheating type. I trust him that he will not physically cheat on me. He however constantly talks to people on facebook chat. He now talk to this girl (she's kind of my friend) who he had an interest in before we got together. Now some random girl, who is a friend of a friend, randomly friended him on facebook and now they constantly talk on facebook chat. I've already talked to him about previous occasions and this just gets thrown that I'm acting overly jealous. However, I can't help the way I feel. It feels really ****** and I really don't want to have this kind of conversation again. If I talk to him, nothing good can come out of this. I can't tell him to stop being friends with people. He also isn't a jealous person AT ALL so he doesn't understand. Any tips?? Please...I need to have my jealousy go away.

Change your tactic, perhaps instead of saying that you are jealous of the fact he chats with these girls, say that you would like to spend more quality time together instead of him devoting so much time to facebook chat, perhaps you can set aside some time each week that is just for the two of you. The rest of the time, grin and bear it. If he truly is faithful to you, being friends with other girls is really not that bad.

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I am having the same problem you are, except my fiancé talks to an old flame of his and they talk about certain things that I don't feel are right.. He tells me all the time to trust him and trust that he won't cheat on me an trust that he's not like that to do something like that.. An I do.. I just don't trust her.. And I feel the same way where I feel lost, I almost feel second best in everything..

Like I said in my post, he's not the jealous type either and I talk to guys and stuff, but I know I don't talk to them like he talks to her, and I know myself that I'm not gonna do anything.. How do I get myself to feel as he does to trust as much as he does to let him have the friends he wants ya know..

I know that wasn't much help I just came upon ur post and saw u had the same problem.. If you want to message me maybe we can talk about it and try and help eachother threw it.. Maybe we have some pointers for eachother..

Seems like we are all going through the same thing I am starting to believe that facebook is death of all relationships.. My bf does the same thing and when I try to chat with him on it he ignores me says he is busy at work and is nt even logged in to fb ok, well I know how fb works and I was not born yesterday.

I hate facebook and my boyfriend is on there alot sending emails to the same woman he works and texts with. I dont know if Im being too suspicious sometimes or not suspicious enough. Its scary. He says its comes down to trust but then he would say that wouldnt he?! I suppose for all of us we have to believe or let go! He tells me he is just friends with her, he likes her and they get on well. Can men and women ever truly just be friends?

Yeah Facebook has caused a lot of relatinships to break up. Sad but true. Mu bf says the same that he loves me and I need to trust him, even though I know in my heart he would not hurt me in any way I still feel like he is hiding something from me. We broke up but still live together and its hard on me right now but I want to work things out and make it better and stronger. I am trying to trust and not think negative of him.

That is how I feel too. That he is hiding something and I find myself being totally neurotic and checking his facebook wall all the time and asking him who he is txting and emailing! Its driving me mad, so it must be hard for him. I dont know why Im like this but feel I cant trust him for some reason and its nothing that he has done. I hope your boyfriend wants to work things out too. Im sure you can be better and stronger

I do the same thing and now he has took me off his page. I am trying not to let it get to me but I do find my slef thinking who is he talking to and what are they talking about. I hate thinking like this and not trusting him completely. He has never done anything for me not to trust him. He is a wonderful man and I love him so very much. I am scared because he has told me I make unhappy and he is not happy with me because of the fighting and accusing him all the time.

Im having a bad day today. We only see each other a couple of times per week and had arranged to see each other tonight. He has cancelled now. Says he is poorly and doesnt want to pass any germs on to me! Im struggling now and thinking that all sorts are going on - more significantly thinking that he doesnt want to see me and maybe wants to see someone else. Should I just get out of this relationship and get my sanity back or keep trying?

If two people are in a committed relationship talking to other women or men all the time is not appropriate. It can be considered as an emotional affair, that can very possibly lead to a physical one.Jealousy as long as it is not excessive, is a normal reaction when you love someone. I would put your foot down saying it is hurtful to you and that you would like to spend more quality time together doing healthy things like going for walks together, going to the movies, talking over a romantic dinner. My exhusband used ot talk on the computer also claimimg it was nothing. I found out years later he had several affairs within our marraige. A woman's instinct is usually right. Unfortuantely in today's world with the technology, it is so easy for persons to connect with others of the opposite sex. However a committed heart should not be interested any having long converstions with other women on a daily basis. God bless you all and good luck to you .

I'm a 60 years old male. Married for 10 years now and most of my friends are female. My wife knows this. I'm not going to lie and so that I never have sexual feeling toward any of my female friends because I do and my wife also knows this. But she is secure enough in herself that she doesn't trip out over it. Because of that it stays out in the open. I am going to talk to my friends. She knows this. Online, on the phone and face to face. if she wants to be included or excluded is up to her. I've had my female friends over to the house, we have visited some of my female friends. It's no problem unless you make it one. If he is the type who will cheat then he is going to cheat and there is nothing you can do about it. So get secure in and about yourself and go on with your life. Don't give him reasons to go behind your back. That is when that girl you don't trust gains can get in his head and him in her bed. You see, in getting real, you know that you youself have on occasion have looked at another boy/man and thought about about having sex with him and transfered those thoughts to your boyfriend and went home and had some great sex. He's doing the same.

I have been dating a guy now for about 3 years, i know all his family and all his outside friends, but he has taken me off his fb bc i get jealous of him talking to other women! I have talked to one of them myself and she says they are just friends, granted he lives 5 mins from me and they live in another country. He spends more time playing poker and talking to them than he does with me. Should I be worried? he comments on their pictures but not once has he commented on mine, he says he is with me, he just does that to make them feel good! I love him so much and don't know how i can handle this and stay sain!