My boyfriends brother is dating my ex-best friend that cheat

My boyfriends brother is dating my ex-best friend that cheated with my ex-boyfriend. And he spends every other weekend over at their house. Any advice?

That's awkward. Why does your bf spend every other weekend over there? He must be pretty young? One would think that your bf would be a bit more sensitive to your feelings and not be hanging out with them. Spend time with his brother is fine of course but to spend that much time with both of them? I assume she's right there when your bf goes over?

Yea, he is 6 years younger than me, and he’s in the military his base is almost 2 hours from me. He gets off the base on the weekends so he used to just go spend them there but now he splits them with me and them. I understand because he wants to spend time with his niece and brother but yea they all do things together and it bothers me. I don’t think he’ll cheat but it is very uncomfortable and it’s “my fault” that I’m breaking up the family or double date dynamic. He doesn’t talk about her much because he knows I have the issue and he’s also fine with me not coming around them, but it’s definitely hard to deal with sometimes.

@Meb1992 That really is not a healthy situation for you because it hurts you and your bf, it’s something that is not going away. He can’t “do” anything about it because thats his brother and your bf has no control over who his brother is with. Have you ever talked with your bf’s brothers gf even before she got involved with your bf’s brother? I guess I’m wondering if there was ever a conversation between you two and what was said. I’m wondering if there is any defense for your ex best friend such as just being real young and stupid?