My brain was doing so well and then today I walked around th

My brain was doing so well and then today I walked around the mall with my mom and a migraine came on insanely fast, and there i was, crying in nordstom. I didnt know it could hit that fast it had always been consistint, but i guess now its more sensitive. So disapointed in my brain

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You are strong. Large places with too many people can even make the happiest person cry. Trust me I've been there. I get panic attacks and I can't shop for too long. I give myself a time limit and it tends to help. Once the timer goes off I'll go back to my car, or sit somewhere quiet and play some enjoyable music.
I enjoy listening to guided meditation and this might help you, as it has helped me before!

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I was only there for like 15 minutes and this has never happened before and im supposed to be getting bette

It's all right, I'm sure you're getting better! Love you!

@Mirakuru thank you :slight_smile: i hope so

I know it will, just keep marching on, one cuddly step at a time! Love you

Some days are better than others and over time we find happily balances, as well as our mental and physical limits. :) it does get easier! I'm here for you if you ever need to talk

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I wish i could believe you. Ive been living with all this for 4 year now, and its only gotten harder and my limits change frequently

Sarah. No matter what . Push on .

You have to manage life

Some days are better than others right.

It's like anyone who has an illness.

Theres certain things you cannot do or days that suck.

However focus your energy on the things you can do.

So you may only be able to do 30 minute walks away from home at a time.

Manage it for you . Don't let it manage you :)

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Im going to college and have a lot of things i have to do that hurt. I have to push my limits constantly and i always pretend im ok until im really, really not ok. I cant stop. Or i go until i drop but i dont slow down. I dont know how to manage it because to manage it id have to give up so much and i wont do that so i just ignore it until i break.

I don't know if you take any sort of pharmaceutical medications for this but if you would like more information about a natural supplement to help with your symptoms, let me know. It has helped a few of my friends with their insomnia, PTSD and migraines.

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Id love you hear new ideas. Right now i take Omega 3, Tumeric, Feverfew, Magnesium, and Melatonin. Ive gone through several supplements and pharmacuticals.

I know it's not easy, but it helps to have a good support system. I've been using this device called AlphaStim and it cancels out beta waves which controls pain from the effects of anxiety and depression. I highly recommend it. I bought an older version from my therapist and it works just as well as the new version.

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I use something called SCENAR, which works similarly to what you discribed. It kind of helps a bit