My dad is a homophobe and im bi my mom knows but idk how to

my dad is a homophobe and im bi my mom knows but idk how to come out to him

You don't need to. It isn't his business, and it will just cause strife you don't need, especially if you are underage and living at home. It can wait until you have moved away if ypu feel he absolutely has to know.

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Have you talked with your mom about coming out to your dad?
It is often very difficult for parents to come to terms with having a child that is LGBT and along with picking the right time to come out the reaction of who you come out to has to be taken into consideration.
When you decide that the time is right for you to tell him it may help to have information on hand like if there are any services or support groups for parents of LGBT kids in your area. There is also lots of good information online for parents of LGBT children and giving that to your dad may help him understand and come to terms with it. No doubt having your mom there for support when you decide the time is right to tell him wouldn't hurt.

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There is no rush to come out. Maybe after continuing to speak with your mom about it you can work together so that not only you feel more comfortable but that you can think of the right way to tell him.

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