My dad is dying!

We just found out after about 4 months ago learning that my dad had lung cancer and the docs all told us that it was confined to the lung...they removed the lung and now 2 weeks before christmas we found out that his brain is full of cancer and now we just found out that it is in his bladder as well. His prognosis is not good. Docs said 2-6 months max...My dad is handling this very fact so well that he wants all of us to handle it as well. He openly talks about dying...and about what his wishes is literally breaking my heart! You never want to lose your parents but you always know that day will come and now that it is here...I'm so scared to lose him. I hate is so vicious!!!

Thanks for listening!


Hey Wendy,
I am so sorry for your loss, it must be terrible to have to go through that. And your dad being so strong and everything. I've never had a parent die, so I feel like I cannot truly empathise, but I will say that you and your family are in my prayers.

Moongal x

Thanks moongal...I can use all the prayers that everyone has...its tough...I'm so glad that I have this time to tell him what he means to me...but its hard to watch him die....

I am so sorry for your sad news. My prayers are with you and all your family and especially your dad.

Take care

Lace x

Thank you so much Lace its so hard!

Oh my Wendy I am so sorry!!! Sending you and your family prayers and strength!!!! Here is my shoulder for you also!!!!! I know it is very hard and I hate that you are going through all that!!!

Love & Hugs


Dear Wendy, all my love and prayers for strength and light to your daddy- and to you and your family. Hugs- Ronda

Hi Wendy I lost both my parent to lung cancer so I know... my father was a symbol of strength to me all of my life and to watch it was devistating even though he remained strong throughout. not a day goes by that I do not think of him...... all i can say is just spend as much time as you can telling him what a wonderful father he is. and give him all the love you can. I am so sorry. it is so difficult I know.


So sorry to hear about your dad. My mom is going through the same thing. Some people have the misconception is gets easier as youre older but I guess it doesnt. Im only 27 years old and its hard to imagine losing a parent at all. My mom lost the ability to hold any conversation with us at all so its a good day when we can hear her say something at all. You are not alone in this, although it may feel that way. Stay strong, thats all you can do for him and for yourself.