My dad just diagnosed with HL

hi, my dad 62 just diagnosed with HL, he had all clear symptoms, unexplained fever, weightloss and tumor in underarm but was not enough for the doc in india to trigger, now he changed doc went thru biopsy ctscan is planned for bonemerrow test it's on 3rd stage and is recomemde chemotherapu. i'm nervous and worried abt him, has anyone have similar problem? how bad it is? can he live 99% normal life after chemo? chances of survival? please help.

My husband was diagnosed with HL 3A back in June and he is now in remission. He has his last chemo on December 17th. Our oncologist told us from day one that this is one of the most curable cancers. The survival rates are from 80% and up.

My husband has been living a "normal" life the whole time he went through chemo. He worked and we still did things as a family. His main issue is he would feel bad for about three days after each session.

I hope this helps encourage you a little bit.

thank you, that relieved some of the tension. he has it on rd stage and will be starting 6month chemo shortly. thanks again

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 HL in October. Even with advanced Hodgkin's my doctor gave me about the same odds of survival as Gregswife mentioned above (70% to 80%).

I started chemotherapy on November 10th and the current plan is for 16 treatments over about 8 months. I have only had 2 treatments, but so far life has been fairly normal. I deal with pretty severe fatigue for the first few days, a bit of nausea (relieved by medication), mouth sores, and a bit of neuropathy. After about 4 days I am back on my feet and feeling pretty well.

I know its pretty scary, but as Gregswife said, HL is one of the most curable cancers. The treatments can be rough, but its all worth it in the end.