My dad made a comment that made me uncomfortable again. he w

my dad made a comment that made me uncomfortable again. he was washing his hands and then put his wet hand on my shoulder so i splashed water at his face and then he said "hey at least it wasn't your ***." it just feels weird that he thought that that was an acceptable comment like, did doing that cross his mind? why was that the first thing he thought to say? i can't feel safe in my own home when it feels like my own father sexualizes me.

I can't remember what all you've mentioned before but is there other family you could live with?

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@Jordan5683 my dad asked me if i wanted to live with my mom in the heat of an argument a few days ago. therapist wants me to hold off on doing that but i don’t know.

note: censored word is a*ss.

@ruin Hugs if you accept them, and want them.

What he said was very inappropriate it makes me think he saus things like that because he's wanting to see how you react. It doesn't matter what his twisted thoughts are but it's scary and disgusting. He's crossing the line!!!

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@ruin Your dad to me sounds like he needs help, as well.
I hope and pray that he accepts and then gets the help, he so needs.

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