My dads leaving

I talked to my dad a few days ago and he told me he and my step mom are moving to Florida. I really can't believe this. My dad is my rock, my escape from my mom.

My mom and dad divorced when I was 2 and have never really gotten along with each other. My mom always talks through me to talk to him, and I can't stand it.

When I am at my mom's house, we are always fighting and we quite literally never get along. Whenever I talk to her, we end up fighting and then I get the silent treatment of days.

But anyway, whenever I go to my dads house, its bliss. I feel at home and i'm comfortable there. I get along much better with my dad then I do my mom.

I don't like that feeling of my dad leaving and not being there. Does anyone have any advice?

welcome moopurplemilk.

it is always a bit frightening to find the status quo has to change, its sends us heading for the hills and looking for the nearest cover.

mayb the reason u and mum dont get along is because u are both too simular in temprement and mannerisms, it does make for an uncomfortable atmoshpere when u are younger, and the result tends to b a mighty clash.

have u expressed to your dad how u feel about the move? is there a chance u could go as well?

if not mayb u could get a consulor or a school teacher to be there so u can express any emotions/fears u have
and to monitor/help u with the "mum situation"

keep posting and chatin

loving vibes adn positive thoughts

I have talked to my dad about the move, and because this is his retirement and things like that I can't go with him.

And right now I am on my summer vacation so right now I can't talk to anyone at school.

hmm that does make it difficult for you.

did your dad have any ideas or family members who could step in?

mayb they could provide a safe haven for u just like your dads.

failing that do u have any good friends parents who u could have a chat about this too? or even your friends?

loving thoughts and positive vibes

My dads family usually just leaves me out of things. I don't live near them, and they hate my mom. SO they don't talk to me.

I do talk to my friends about this, but I don[t think they understand how much this really hurts me.

Hi moopurplemilk, Welcome to . I haven't had contact with my dad's family in years. My dad died when I was 8 and his family just seem to drop me like a hot potato. We had all been so close before dad's death. I think it had something to do what happened when my dad died. Over the years we grew more distant. It's been many years now since I have been in contact with any of them and I was the one who made the effort to contact them. I do understand how much it hurts you. Keep sharing with us. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))