My Daily Declaration (day 6)

I am not going to masturbate today.
I will not look at porn today.
I will do something positive today.

Today has been pretty non-eventful in a pretty good way (other than some random recorded prank call that had no punchline)

I repaired my uncles computer and I have been sticking to my diet.

I feel good, not so lost in the "what-ifs" and relaxed.

I've had no slip ups and I am taking one day at a time.

I really hate being bipolar. It is essentially like being told you have a bad brain (chemically) I don't have a 2nd brain to put this one in check... These little messages to myself will be that 2nd brain. Reading my struggle back to myself keeps it in context and in the forefront of what needs to be addressed. No more rationalizing away my wasted time.

I want to feel good. I want good things for those in my life..

If anyone is reading this I wish you well

Be proud of yourself, you are making some very postive changes in your life, a lot of people talk about change, but actually putting that change into practice is a very big deal!