My daughter Aimee's 10th birthday in heaven

hi,been a hard day dealing with my oldest angel's 10th bday in heaven..I lost 6 children thru miscarriage, the oldest Aimee,then Kevin,then twins Ben and Christopher,then Katy and Laura. I wanted to do something special like let balloons loose for her today but had some really bad stuff happening in my personal life..just happend to all hit the fan im drained.

I'm so sorry to hear that, I'm sure Aimee had a spectacular birthday and was thinking of you. I hope things in your personal life have sorted themselves out or at least gotten better. Please stay in touch.

xo, July

awwww rip to your angel in the heavens above... i cant imagine going through what youve been through, thats crazy, maybe your angel is up there playing with my angel :) juss think about this when the wind blows thats your angel's when you feel a tug on your heart thats your baby huggin you, and a rain drop on your nose is kiss from your angel <3 im here for you if you need me<3

I have had 3 miscarriages and 1 son that is 6 years old. It seams like everywhere I go I see pregnant women. Over and over I ask myself when will it be my turn to get big and have sibling for my son.