My daughter is only 13 and says shes bisexual last week she

my daughter is only 13 and says shes bisexual
last week she tried to kill herself currently
shes being hospitalized and treated for
her issues im at a loss

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hi Mkernea,,, My son confessed on facebook that he is bisexual... Kids have all these harmones raging in them. they don't know how to process them. all the think they know is that society should accept them no matter what... yes society should accept them at large. but individual people have different views from society ... sometimes.. I feel your pain... if you want to talk privately pm me

The problem with that is my family still doesn't know that I am bisexual to this day and I am 18 ... At least they told you now... It's is really hard for us to be how we are because especially how young she is, we know it isn't accepted

My daughter is doing better see was hospitalized for depression
The Meds they have her on are strong said she don't like how
They make her feel

im sorry your family is having a hard time did your doughters attempt have to do with that ? I hope all is on its way to being well i'm hear if you want to talk.

i am so sorry to hear about your daughter....i knew when i was about 13 that i kinda like girls as well...plz tell your daughter there are SO many others out there and though sometimes it feels like it would be better if it was just over, it gets better, it really does...have her get on this site and chat as well if it is hard for her to talk to people in person like it is for me....

If you are able, do your best to make sure she knows you love and support her, no matter what.