My daughter was diagnosed with absence seizures two years ag

My daughter was diagnosed with absence seizures two years ago. They were controlled until January of this year, when she had three grand mal seizures in 12 hours. Since then she has had smaller seizures that I can't identify that have increased in amount to the point that she had 22 in three hours yesterday. Today she went in to a full generalized seizure without convulsions. She's on four medications that don't seem to have any effect. Her neurologist is largely uncommunicative. I have not been able to find any examples of the seizure she's having. They can either last a split second or 15-20 seconds. She usually makes an "eh" sound over and over, and depending on how long it is, will also appear to go in to an absence seizure. Sometimes her head bobs or jerks. She never convulses, and only once or twice has it included an arm jerking. Has anyone had these or seen these?

My suggestion is to change neurologists and find one that does listen to you and your (daughters) problems.

Absence seizures don't have to be a severe problem as they last short, but the three grand mal seizures within 12 hours , and the four medications not working IS a severe problem.

In this list

You can see a whole range of anti-epilepsy medications that you should know off and discuss with the doctor.

If alternative or aggressive use of medication doesn't work then surgery might possibly be a last resort.

@xylitol I ended up taking her to Lurie children’s hospital after the hospital near us kept discharging us. She was diagnosed with Doose Syndrome almost immediately, and I’m already seeing huge improvements with the changes they’ve made to her medications.

Really sorry to hear about your problem. Absence seizures can get better upon adulthood but for now I would try another Neurologist.
Also it sometimes happens, as it did to my sister, that nothing works until they find the right one.

@Bill4315 Thank you, it has been confirmed that she has Doose Syndrome, and Lurie is working to help me get in with one of their neurologists. She finally had one whole day seizure free, and only a handful every day since.

How old is your daughter? I had the same thing that happened to me when I was 14. It is called juvenile myoclonic seizures. When you hit puberty that is when the grandmals start. I am on Lamictal and have been under control now for 18 years. I go to a specialist that figured it out. My main neuro sent me there since he didn't specialize in my seizures.

@Nancy2161 She turned five on Valentine’s Day. She was diagnosed with Doose syndrome over the weekend, and there’s already been a huge improvement just from the changes to her medications.