My daughter was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a few months

My daughter was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a few months ago, she is under doctor supervision and medication is not helping. She has major mood swings and arguments escalate quickly, is mood swings a side effect of hyperthyroidism?

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I am an adult and have hyperthyroidism and take 100 mg of levithroxine per day. I do not have kids taking it and did not take it as a kids but I have had mood swings.
My suggestion is to write on a piece of paper "stay in the present" and any time she has anxiety to read that. Whats bothering her? is it right now? What can she do right now. Just being grounded in the present even with anxiety for me is where I found the solution. I always say life is simple, we as humans complicate it and none of us are perfect but as we move forward progress is needed. Anyway whatever she needs I hope she finds it.

@jarofflies Your response ‘stay in the present’ is it! I am absolutely working towards that. Thank you! I thought I was going crazy and shaking all the time, then diagnosed with Graves, have been taking Methimazole and Metoprolol for 2.5 months, and feel much much better, but emotional fluctuations still exist. Living in the moment ‘Stay in the Present’ is what my doctor recommended as well!

Thank you for your help and suggestions. My daughter is 23 and I have tried oils to calm her down when I see that she is not doing well. Since she is not a minor its a bit hard to monitor her doctor visits. We will try your recommendation.

i believe my past is my experience and my present is my opportunity. Understanding and separating is important and whatever i choose to call god gave me 24 hours in a day as that all i can handle. One day at a time!