My Daughter

Hi I am a mother of three girls who all have a form of ADHD and are all medicated. However my youngest does not eat or sleep on the medication. She is almost 13 years old and she under 60 pounds. Does anybody have similar problems and or solutions to try? I am really worried but having trouble taking her off the medication because then she can not function really well.

Hi. My 13 year old boy was like that, well still is. I never thought he would ever hit 65. Now he is 13 he weigh about 110. Durning the day its a fight to eat.. I've learned through the years that in the morning right when he gets up he gets his am pills and i make him eat something right away. then I keep healthy snacks in the house so he can snack through the day, because when it comes to lunch he wont eat. At dinner i kinda force him to eat. Right know we are trying some different sleeping pills. no real good luck. he is up and down alot through the night. His doctor says its due to some of him meds so we are cutting some meds back... But also my son has ADHD very bad and he take 8 different kinds of meds daily... good luck.

my friends kid is on the patch. he takesnit off the minute hecomes home from school so he can actually eat dinner and fall asleep at a normal time. I dont k ow what meds ur kids are on but they might not all benefit from the same meds. he was on 3 different meds before the patch daytrana has worked miracles for him. he also doesnt take it on weekends and holidays so he can eat. but there are challeneges to him not being medicated on the weekends that are behavorial bu his mother would rather he eat and has discussed it with the dr

also i agree with jenny make sure when the girls are eating that its healthy veggies fruits nuts anythig with good protein in it.

As an adult on adhd medicine it hard for me to eat or sleep sometimes I have to eat before I take it and make sure I dont take it to late in the day. Maybe her dose should be lower or if it is an extended release maybe they could try and instant release it may not last as long but my guess is that school is the main time she needs it.

I am well experienced with the no sleep part because of medication, when my son was younger( age 5 to 9) we went thru many different stimulate medications because he could not sleep due to the medication, we even tried melatonin at age 6 and that did not help. To this day my son (age 13) still struggles with having sleep problems however not from medication but because of insommnia. Once again he is on melatonin an it seems to be helping this time. Another thing you may want to discuss with your childs doctor is the option of a non stimulate medication to treat her adhd. My son was on intuitiv and that did help him some and did not interefere with his sleep. They are now putting him on vyvanse an I read up on it and alot of people say they dont have that jittery,extra energy from it like they have from other medications like addrell, focalin that may also be an option.....i will try an keep you posted on how my son does.

As for the not eating my step son suffers from the same problem due to his adhd medication,it give him a upset stomach so therefore he is not hungry and it suppresse his appetite. We try to have him eat breakfast before he takes his pill in the morning. You may also want to discuss the option of only using the medication on school day Monday thru friday, so that she can eat more on the weekend without the side affects. Take care and I hope this helps you out some.

Hi there my son was the same with sleeping and eating till the doctor gave him sleeping tabs his earing still ant right he his down to nothing but he ant under wieght x

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