My eczema always renew on cold seasons. Now I have itching aMy eczema always renew on cold seasons. Now I have itching

My eczema always renew on cold seasons. Now I have itching and red eyelides, also my hands are so itchy and ugly.. I 'm suffering from eczema since childhood and now I'm 16 and it's just intesivy..I feel so bad and ugly, I hate when everyone ask me why your eyes are so red and what's there? Nothing helpes, but tomorrow I'll go to dermatologist, I will ask that she appoint to me light therapy, because nothing helps me, but all of us have to be strong and try to be happy and hope, hope and one more time hope that it isn't eternal

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Have you ever tried organic coconut oil?

yes, it irritates my skin too. my skin summer is wonderful, there's no dryness or itching, my dermatologist appoint to me light therapy, so I hope that it will help me

if you own it when people ask about it, it's a lot less ******. being insecure makes it seem a hell of a lot worse to you and to the people around you. tell them you have eczema proudly! don't be ashamed of it. i started doing this without showing insecurity and a lot of people were like "oh yeah i have that too sometimes" or something like that. for some reason a lot of people have cousins with eczema. but yeah, don't be ashamed. some people will be grossed out by you bit that's because they don't understand, not because you're gross. better to have it and own it than hide it and be insecure about it, because you can't hide it and people can see insecurity

and u know im student and it is really hard to do that, to say that, past year my bestfriend stopped to communicate with me and she helped me suffer that, but know i dont have her and its so hard…

Thank you so much! I know that stress and bad emotions just make matters worse, so I try to stay calm in every situation, because when my eczema renew I am very nervous, I be angry with my family, they know about this and trying to calm me, but I think that it is tragic, I know that eczema isn't full curable, that makes me sad and agry

people and friends tell me that im pretty, but they dont see full my body and because im scared to get in relationship, because im afraid that I can be ugly

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@perla Welcome to SG! You will meet many wonderful people here, fondly called SG friends. The bottom of the page is a FAQ, it will assist you in navigating the site. The top right of this page are numerous groups, also there is a Support Someone icon, familarized yourself with them. You may join as many groups as necessary. There is an Eczema group. Remember you’re not alone, SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow… Be strong the best is yet, to follow…

if the rest of you is beautiful, then i don't think that eczema will really put that much of a damper on it. i don't know what your skin looks like, but if you see yourself as a beautiful person, then you will radiate beauty and a little redness won't be a huge deal. know that it feels a lot worse than it looks to other people. and the only way you'll find out if other people have a problem with it is by showing it to them. it's not up to you to decide how bad it is for other people. if other people really can't deal with it, then they'll leave, but you don't know what other people think until you go out and have a real experience

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@ihaveeczema thank you! your words makes me stronger:)) and how are you? how you suffer that?

@perla well the itch is really annoying, but i'm learning to cope. working out the stress in my life not related to this has helped me because there's a pretty clear link between this and stress. i've noticed that it bothers me the most when i'm doing homework and the least when im having fun with my friends. so i just have to manage my time in a way where i can do fun, not stressful things, but also relate to my work in a less stressful way. im going back to my therapist from a while back to help me be able to do that. optimism is great on its own too. find reasons to be optimistic.

thank you!