My ex is a narcissist, he dated me for a couple of months thMy ex is a narcissist, he dated me for a couple of months

My ex is a narcissist, he dated me for a couple of months then he moved on to the next, then a month later he started dating someone else and they have been together for a year.... How is this possible

They don't care. They move from narcissistic supply to another. They don't love anyone but themselves. When you don't serve their purpose it put up with their BS. Off they Go

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I thought they were not capable of being in long term relationships though? Don't get how he is with someone for over a year and I'm still single

@p011yp0cket i’m sure he has others on the side. These are creatures that are in capable of staying faithful and have any type of meaning in a relationship. You have to keep in mind you are not dealing with the norm. Educate yourself on narcissistic personality disorder. There is also a great website called Lucy It will answer a lot of your questions and help you in your recovery. Stay clear of your ex and block him from any sort of communication with you as he is likely to contact you at some point. Also talking on this site helps immensely. We are here for you. Hugs

Don't take it personally. They do damage and don't care. It wasn't you at all

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It's been a little over a year since we broke up... He's reached out a couple of times. Most recently, I saw him for the first time since December of 2014, the last time I saw him he was driving his current girlfriends car I believe, and he screamed my name outside of it and I just completely ignored him... This time it was at my old job where we met because I still tan there and I just got my hair done, after I noticed he tried to add me on snapchat and with an attempt to show my friend you can ignore someone instead of blocking them when they try to add you... I accidentally added him and I got a snapchat of him that had a picture of him along with the words "you don't have to act weird when you see me, you can say hi" and I replied "why would I say hi to someone I don't know?" My friend who was working said I didn't act weird I just didn't pay any attention to him. Then I saw him a month later at the tanning salon and he was with his girlfriend, he tanned, gave me the dirtiest look, I swear he looked like he wanted to hurt me, and went straight to his car and didn't even wait for his girlfriend to get out of the tanning bed...

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@p011yp0cket another comment, I’m helping out at my old job, the place where I met him, for the holidays and because I could use the extra income… How should I act if he comes in? Do I pretend like I don’t know him and ask for his last name and put it in the computer or do I just put in his name and ask what bed he would like to use???

Help nervous for this