My ex wants to try again. I told him last month that I'm not

My ex wants to try again. I told him last month that I'm not emotionally ready for that process. There are so many things that went wrong and hurt both of us.

I miss him almost every day. But I know I'm only remembering the good parts of our relationship, not the parts that left me hurt or scared.

I keep thinking that maybe someday I can see him or talk to him again and maybe there is a possibility of reconciliation. But I don't think now is that time.

I've told him this several times but it hasn't stopped him from calling, sending me a small gift on Valentine's Day, and showing up at my house uninvited (I wasn't home, thankfully).

A year ago all I wanted was this kind of effort from him. But now it's like he didn't realize what he had till he lost it. Depressing.

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it sounds like he is trying to pressure you into getting back with him

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@danh19 I think he is. He mailed me some documents I needed and included a ticket to an event and a note saying he’d love it if I met him there. I’ve told him I am not ready but I guess he is, lol. Not sure what to do about the ticket.

That is exactly what happened. He has spent a year without you and probably realizes that being single isn't that great. So now he wants you back. Question is do you want him back?

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@JCAL Sometimes, yes. But I don’t think I can emotionally handle the process of sitting down and working out all our issues. I want a relationship that isn’t already full of baggage.

Sometimes I wonder if this is just a case of wanting what he can't have. And me not wanting him because he wants me sooo badly. If a new guy I was dating put forth this kind of effort I would probably be flattered.

He hasn't respected your wishes and boundaries about not trying again at this time. I would take that a sign that he cannot respect your wishes when they differ from his. Be careful with this man and be firm about your boundaries. He may have changed some things but his need for control and to get his needs met no matter the cost to you, does not seemed to have changed.

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@newlydivorced Very well said. I totally agree.

Thx jfoto44 and i agree she should make sure her priority is her own health and happiness....just be careful little penguin that you don't put too much work into the relationship while he does not. You've already said you're not ready to try again and respect what you need; anyone you loves you in a healthy way will respect your wishes and boundaries.

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