My family thinks that my boyfriend drugged my sister but I k

My family thinks that my boyfriend drugged my sister but I know he didn't. They said if i ever get back with him that they will disown me. How do I convince them that he's still a good guy so that I don't havce to date him in secret?

It is always tough to respond to questions like this because we can't know all the facts and therefore our careful response might not make sense to you if you want a specific answer. So I'm going to be very careful to only say what I think will help *you* live a better life, okay?

The first thing is to give yourself permission to accept that your family may never believe what you want them to believe. Give yourself permission to be okay with that. That's the best place to start. Your family will be your family for life, so it's good to teach yourself how to let them believe what they need to believe about things while you do the same. When you can be fully okay with them believing what they believe, then any thoughts you have or conversations you have about it will come from a relaxed, restful place inside you. The place of clear thinking. The calm, peaceful place inside you. That is the first thing.

Hi lowkeywarrior,
It's been a while since we've chatted and so I'm checking in with you. I hope you are doing well.