My father has paranoid schizophrenia. Was very hard growing

my father has paranoid schizophrenia. Was very hard growing up. He saw doctors. They'd give him meds. He would stop taking them. He would then proceed making our lives a nightmare.
Please, if you are other than a passive person with mild paranoia tendencies get help. If not for you, for those around you who want to love you.

That is frustrating for sure, especially as there is no way for anyone to force an adult to take their meds.  

I am one of those people getting help. I take my meds. every single day. I got out of the mental hospital again 6 months ago. My daughter hates me. Because she saw me when I had an episode. She says she hates me. It’s so hard I do everything to be a good mom. She is 13. I wish so much I was not mentally ill. I have done EVERYTHING to try to fix my brain. Still my family suffers. The only person in the world who really loves me is my husband. My child just can’t understand that I don’t mean to be crazy. I’m so sorry... my daughter just does not understand. Why should she a kid should not have to deal with this.


Maybe she could go to therapy to talk about it. I think it would have helped us kids.
Maybe some reading materials on the subject.
Then at least she’ll know it is real. Not something you are making up.
Hope she will understand.