My fiancé (a female), has been having an affair with a co-wMy fiancé (a female), has been having an affair with a

My fiancé (a female), has been having an affair with a co-worker. She claims non-sexual, as in intercourse, but admits to kissing and being naked from the waist up. The extent of the lies and deceit is mind-boggling. She has told me on 2-3 occasions that it has ended. I found out yesterday that she has been lying to me the entire time about not ending the relationship.

She now tells me it will end today. At this point, I can't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. We have been together for five years and engaged three. Trust has held me back from actually getting married. This would be my second.

I do love her but am struggling at the moment.

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Sorry to hear about this. You are wise to not believe anything she says. Is the OM married? Does he know she's engaged? Are you postponing / cancelling the wedding? If she's serious about changing, she needs to seriously get a new job.

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It's just sickening how addicting the Other person can be.....and the lies it creates.

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OM divorce finalized last Friday. He knows that she is engaged. Not wedding date. We were looking at May of next year

What's your gut telling you to do? How is her attitude? Sorry for all the questions. Just want you to open up about it if you feel comfortable.

My gut is telling me to give it time to see whether she can be honest, committed and faithful.

She says that she wants to make it work. Just unsure how that works out when she will see him daily at the workplace

What does she feel about the OM's divorce?

Just curious, why is the om getting divorced?....hhhhmmmm I wonder. Has your wife even given that any thought? She apparently has not given much thought to any of this. They normally don't. So sorry you are going through this.

I would run for the hills before you are even more involved with her (kids alimony etc). If she can't be honest with you before you are married how will she after?? I know that's hard advice, but if I had known about my husbands first affair when we were newlyweds I would have gotten out then instead of having 3 kids and wasting 13 yrs of my life and just BARELY finding out what a fool he has made me with multiple affairs. Now I feel stuck and have to give him a chance to change for the kids sake and the fact that I'm completely trapped with no place to go, unlike when the first one happened. Break it off, get out. You deserve better. Even if she DID change, you deserve someone who respects you and love more than that.

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