My fiancé and I got together while we're both unhappy in

My fiancé and I got together while we're both unhappy in our marriages. We started out as friends and then got together after both our divorces. But now even before and after the divorce his ex has tried stuff to break us up, (filing for spousal support when she made more), harassing him where he used to work, showing up at his parents home uninvited and announced. Cheating on him emotionally for five years during the marriage(talking to other men on the Internet and sending nudes of herself), bashing both our names all over the Internet and yet she still can't let him go. I went to high school with her. She got so desperate that she started liking everything on Facebook that we like and started going to the gym to try and make herself skinny but eventually quit.(She's 336lbs) She's gone as far as to not taking any of the stuff off she posted pertaining to his family about their engagement or their wedding off even after we've asked her!! (She blamed everything on us when she's the one who treated my fiancé like a slave and psychically abused him during the marriage!)The only smart thing she did was put divorce as her marital status. She still continues to troll us and my ex husband all the while thinking that we're completely unaware she's doing any of it. Also, makes it extremely difficult when my fiancé is her FIRST LOVE. But she's not fooling ANYONE!! She's a lying, cheating, lazy, abusive, manipulative, crazy psychotic witch who knows how to manipulate you and push your buttons just to get what she wants. She will suck you dry and kill your credit. Her attention is her only agenda and she doesn't care who destroys. She abused my fiancé and had her own mother tell her to hit him during the course of their marriage plus she has an extreme temper and road rage. She's lazy and her electronics are the only company she keeps. She doesn't know what love is and doesn't deserve it. She's a classic cerebral narcissist.

My fiancé crazy psycho ex managed to find a way to get me into trouble with the law. Granted they're low-level crimes and it's my first offense and I'm guilty but she didn't have to ruin my reputation by running to the police just because SHE got caught again and didn't own up to her guilt. These past 8 months have been very stressful and for what? Just so she can hate me more when she doesn't get what she wants? We've had to lie to our families, our friends, and now that I've discovered she lied three times on her affidavit, I could get her for perjury and I can prove it but my lawyer doesn't want to help me. I feel so helpless. PTC is in December along with the trial. I'm hoping they sentence me or at least give me a sentence date so then it can finally be over. All she's ever done this whole fracking year is make our life miserable! I get that it's all about control with narcs but this is causing me major stress and depression not to mention hopelessness because even though I did it, SHE's THE ONE WHO STARTED IT!!!

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Wow! that's a lot of stuff going on. Obviously, even though she's the abuser/cheater, she is extremely jealous of you and your fiancé. I believe in karma and hope it works. Hang in there.

All you 2 can do, with a narc, is block her from all contact (even social media).

Yikes. I think she cut me off on the highway this morning. Seriously, I would look for an attorney that doesn't try to shut you or your case up. It sounds like this nutcase can hang herself if you give her the right rope.

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Might get six months on top of six months. So she gets what she wants and I lose everything. I won't last in prison even if I do get sentenced to jail. I know my fiancé will wait but maybe he's better off without me. My lawyer is going to try for probation but we'll see how hard she fights for it. I'm so very depressed. :(