My fiance cheated I found out three days ago. We been talkin

My fiance cheated I found out three days ago. We been talking and today he had to go to work. I had no problem with it. Well he told me to call if I needed to know that he really was there. Wasn't going to call but I get a text only thirty minute lunch and it's always a hr break. Immediately I went there and I called and they said he was off. Well I texted him and said you are a liar Now he's mad at me for calling him a liar. Say's I've done it now. But he was at work sent me a picture. So why he mad at me and I'm afraid he won't calm down any and not come home.

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You dont need a man that's like that. He no good. He just gona hurt you more n more

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Okay than maybe you would be better off. If he can't understand where you are coming from. Sad that they can turn things around to take the heat off you. Instead he should be apologetic and trying to help you heal. First thing you should take your power back. I also think that since you are not married you are lucky. You are free of him with no strings. I hope you value yourself and get free of a person who has disrespected you and now says YOU DID IT!! He has a lot of nerve to take that position when he has broken your heart! Ask yourself if he would accept this kind of treatment from you or anyone else!! Not likely. You desrve better. If he has cheated now what if you decide to marry and the kids are sick, bills are waiting to be paid and the inlaws come to live with you??? Get yourself a mate that you can trust and count on! They are out there. You are wonderful. You do not need this kind of life!! All the best. Sending you strength, hope, ((hugs)). God's peace for healing.

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he's just mad he was caught. He thought he could keep getting away with it

Mine blamed me for his affair. It was my fault because I wasn't good enough, I didn't sleep with him enough, I didn't keep a clean enough house, and I betrayed his trust when I went through his email. Well, f$%@ that. Their decisions are their own. You're getting through this hell the best way you know how to, and he should be begging your forgiveness and thanking you for giving him a second chance. You don't owe him a thing!

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I agree! For me, I said I would leave it she ever cheated on me. I didn't leave and feel somewhat foolish and played. I still love her and she has apologized over and over and is remorseful and had been doing everything possible to make me happy since I found out 3 months ago. If she wasn't remorseful and wasn't trying as hard as she is to keep me, I don't think I could stay. It's hard enough staying now even though I lover her and want to be with her. The hurt and deceit feelings I have are so bad and some days are hard to overcome.

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