My fiancé cheated on me with his co-worker 3 years ago when

My fiancé cheated on me with his co-worker 3 years ago when I was 5 months pregnant. He started the affair the beginning of my pregnancy. I still haven't moved past it. Not sure if I ever will. I don't look at him the same, sex life is down the drain, not even sure if I love him anymore. I feel like everything about him disgusts me and irritates me. I feel like I'm only in this relationship for my son :( Has anyone or is anyone going through this?

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My husband cheated on me while I was 8 months pregnant. Yes, it affects your sex drive and the way you look at them. Feels like you have to stay for the kids- yes. You hear nightmare stories of stepfamilies and holiday madness. I don't want to deal with that. Then again you don't want to live in regret. Maybe restoration of desire and passion is possible with time and patience.

@Heartbleedsred That must have been awful for you. Just being nosey did he cheat because you were pregnant?

Although I think it's very unfortunate what happened to you I think it's a real challenge to maintain a family when there is no love, children are far more perceptive than you might think. Also consider that raising children in a house where problems are buried instead of being addressed does not best prepare children for life's challenges. I've read some books on how children positively perceive there parents reconciling from an argument.

In my view, once a relationship has been hurt, it will take time and in a way it has to be rebuilt. I feel the same as you. Its not the same and i don't think it will ever be the same. It will be different. But it can be rebuilt and if he is willing, maybe it can be better.

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I'm in a very similar situation. My son is 1 and despite his many promises to change I always find stud every couple of months once things settle down. It's tiring. I'm not sure about yours, but my husband isn't going to change and if he does it won't be for me. It hurts and makes me angry and so so so sad especially when i see him and my son. My advice if you plan to leave him do it before your son gets old enough to get too attached to seeing him in the mornings and before bedtime.