My final school exams are finished! And I just about got thr

My final school exams are finished! And I just about got through them without incident except for the last two nights. Now its all over I just need to kick this bedwetting out of my system once and for all time like ever. I start uni in September so I really want it gone by then. Mum is really supportive and so are my best friends and I know I can beat this now :) let's face it who wants to be doing it in college?
Hope everyone who had exams did really good in them btw :)

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You can do this! Congrats on finishing exams and no incidents for the last two nights. One night at a time. Best!.........Kisobel

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Well done for finishing them and I hope your nights have been going well. Lisa

Yes thank you Lisa. I've been doing great and hoping it carries on like this :)

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My biggest triggers for bedwetting were being excited and being nervous. You shouldn't be bothered that it happened since it was examines. The best advice I can give you is to learn to control your nerves and excitement.

Thank you for that commokazi14 I think you are right. Yesterday was results day so on Wednesday night I definitely went to bed nervous and excited! But it was the first time it happened to me for 7 weeks which was when exams finished and now that all the exam stuff is out of the way I've got nothing to be nervous about any more so hopefully it will now stay ok :)

@teri99 if you ever need to talk just feel free to say so. I try to help those going through similar situations to mine. BTW how did you do since you got results back?