My first non depressed moment in weeks

hey everybody i am going though some major mood swings right now (pregnancy+multiple personality disorder=mood swings out the wazoo)so if i start sounding depressed its cuz my mood swang . i am afraid to sleep because i have nightmares i was wondering if anyone was willing to talk

hey hun, sorry only just read this.
how you doin?

good right now in a few minutes i may be suicidal though or i might be pissed off so talking is a little weird for me

im sorry that your moods change like that, i know how exhausting it is going from one extreme to the other, not having any control over it and not even understanding why.

i hope you can get used to this exchange here and make the most out of it for yourself. just keep posting, we'll be here. and don't worry about what mood you're in, you have the right to be honest about how you feel, we all want you to be actually.

take care, hun.


thanks. right now im sad beause i wastalking to my husband and suddenly got mad and started to yell and i feel like **** for makeing him feel that way

I am here to talk if you need it.

have you been able to go up to him afterwards and apologize or explain yourself? does he understand usually? i think the more open you are with him about your feelings the more he'll understand and help you stop them right away. it's important for you to realize when your emotions and thoughts change and maybe you can detect them better together.

i know when my mind changes i can feel it i just cant ontol it

i am here for you also, hang in there