My friend always complains how she's uncomfortable around gu

My friend always complains how she's uncomfortable around guys. But when I went to your house it was this guy who was like 15 to 20 years older than us maybe order. She tells me this is her friend. He tells us he wants to take us to the beach and that .we should come over to his house. Very strange guy . She kept telling him that I have a boyfriend and then he offered that we go to a nightclub. At that point I was getting a little agitated cuz he was very touchy and very close to my face. Not touching me but my friend. He stayed about a good 20 minutes and finally left. She said that he is very weird but she likes talking to him. And that he constantly calls her every day and ask her for rides. But she doesn't pick him up. She only been knowing him for 3weeks. I'm just a little frustrated on how she makes it a big deal if my boyfriend around or when we go out with friends and there's guys she always ruin it by wanting to go home . But have no issues with being around random man's off the street.

I agree it doesn't make much sense. The only thing I can think of only going by what you said is that he's the one that keeps calling her. I wonder how he would yake anyone to the beach if he's asking her for rides? She must of gave him her number. He sounds strange and intrusive.

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@Fohb460 yes, I’ll just keep my distance at this point. Like I said when we all go out she makes it known she doesn’t want to be there. But yet she still comes out with us making everyone feel uncomfortable and I always have to answer.