My general doctor said I have fluid behind my left eardrum

My general doctor said I have fluid behind my left eardrum. I've done everything he told me to do and other things I found on my own to clear it. Still have ringing. It's only in one ear which to me says something is identifiable and treatable. I'm wondering if it's not fluid but a cyst (fluid sack) he was seeing. It's called a cholesteatoma. This definitely can cause tinnitus. I think it's time for him to take another look.

I hate how Doctors are like don't google your symptoms and yet they kind of don't give us the time of day to actually treat us. Sorry you are going through this.

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@CKBlossom It seems like now a days you pretty much have to diagnose yourself. At least he saw something. His nurse called today and said he wants me to have a CT head scan. Wait a minute. What about the initial symptom he identified, the fluid behind my left eardrum. Since the ringing is only in my left ear, that should be a huge clue. I finally talked her into giving me another appointment. I want to know if the fluid is still there.